Later that night.

TK: So this is what your father left for you, a house and this beautiful furniture.

Thapelo: Yes, this is all mine.

Chris: I wouldn’t be so sure of that, you will never know what the weekend getaway might bring after nine months. (Laughs)

Thapelo: Don’t even go there dude.

TK: Where’s that scrap of a car you have been complaining about?

Thapelo: Go straight through the passage, there’s a door on your left.

(Chris and TK heads to the garage, and comes back shortly.)

TK: It’s not that bad though.

Chris: Yeah, so aren’t we taking it for a spin later tonight?

Thapelo: No, what if we get an accident or even scratch it?

Chris: Come on, we’re not going to race.

TK: Yes, besides we will bring it back in just an hour.

Thapelo: Okay, fine.

Thapelo: So guys, who’s going to drive and where are we going?

Chris: I will drive.

(Both Thapelo and TK look at Chris in shock)

Thapelo: You can drive?

Chris: Yeah, come on guys. How hard is it to drive this scrap of a car, this isn’t even German material.

Thapelo: Okay, sure. Get in but I still want to know where we’re going.

TK: We are just going to have some fun. Don’t worry, everything is sorted.

(They get in the car)

Thapelo: That’s not enough, tell me where we are going.

TK: Stop worrying about that, dude hit the gear bro. Let’s go have some fun.

Chris: Now you’re talking. You can call me Schumacher tonight. (He starts the car) Come on, come on.

TK: Dude, start the car.

Chris: This scrap won’t start, the engine keeps turning on and off.

TK: It must be the battery.

Thapelo: You dumb heads can’t drive! Just go full clutch on it and slowly release the accelerator.

Chris: Yes, that’s it. (He starts the car and they go) I need a beer to calm my nerves.


Tell us: They’ve stolen the car to go partying! What do you think will happen to them while they’re gone?