(The next morning, Thapelo runs to his friends.)

Thapelo: I am in the mood to celebrate, who’s with me?

TK: I am, let’s share those millions.

Thapelo: What millions?

TK: What’s there to celebrate if you didn’t win the lotto dude?

Thapelo: Well, we can celebrate my freedom.

Chris: What freedom? You finally killed that guy?

Thapelo: (Tongue clinging) No, I didn’t kill him – at least not yet. But they are gone for the weekend and so I have the whole house to myself. (Takes out his house keys)

TK: Do you know where they went?

Thapelo: Yes, they have a weekend getaway or something like that.

Chris: Weekend getaway?

TK: So are we having a house party later tonight? I can invite all the beautiful ladies right away.

Thapelo: No, no house parties. But you can come over for drinks later on.

Chris: Sounds like a plan.


Tell us: What is the worst thing that could happen during this ‘celebration’ that Thapelo plans to have?