(Later that night, Thapelo eavesdrops on his mother’s conversation with James from the bathroom.)

Gloria: Can you please come with me to a work function tomorrow?

James:Gloria: Well it’s actually a weekend getaway for three days, so I need a partner.

James: It’s such short notice. Besides I don’t work at your department and you know I don’t like crowds.

Gloria: Come on, it’ll be fun. We never did anything together so let’s just go out there and enjoy ourselves.

Thapelo: (Mumbling from the bathroom) Say yes bastard.

James: Okay, I am in. I just don’t think I’ve anything to wear to such functions. I don’t want to look poor in front of so many rich eyes.

Gloria: (Excitedly) We will go shopping later today, for now I will start packing.

James: So where are you guys going?

Gloria: Well, I don’t know. It’s actually a surprise from our department or some kind of remuneration for our hard work.

James: This is strange, isn’t it?

Gloria: Not really, we have done this before. They once took us to Mozambique for the two best days of my life. I really enjoyed every single moment.

James: And who did you go with?

Gloria: David, my late husband.

James: Okay, nice.


Tell us: Thapelo’s mom and her boyfriend are going on a weekend getaway, what do you think he’ll get up to while they’re away?