(At George’s tavern)

Thapelo: I swear if I had a gun, someone would be dead today and I would be on my way to Hatfield prison now.

Tk: (Bursts out laughing) Hatfield prison, seriously? You can’t even slaughter a chicken for supper so how would you handle murder?

Chris: (Puffing a cigarette) He couldn’t even fight for Lindiwe when she chose Brendon over him in front of the whole school.

Thapelo: I can’t stand that woman, she’s like that fly that keeps buzzing right by your ears.

Chris: What did she do now?

Thapelo: The nerve of that woman. (Heavy sigh) Can you believe that she brought another man into our house? She even gave him my father’s gown and slippers to wear. That bastard even parked his car in our garage too.

TK: Cut her some slack bro, she’s been through a lot. It’s been three years since your father has been gone, she deserves some happiness.

Chris: But to bring a boyfriend in another man’s house, and let him wear his clothes too? I would also feel like killing someone.

Thapelo: I don’t care who she sees, but whoever it is mustn’t come to my house.

TK: But there’s nothing you can do about it, I mean you’re just a kid to her or are you planning to kill the guy?

Thapelo: I don’t know but I will fight like a lion to honour my father’s memory.


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