(It is night at the Nyathi house, and MaNyathi is sleeping. The snake then appears, and it slowly circles her. After rising its head, it dives at her and she starts to squirm in pain.)

(One the same night, at camp, Samukelisiwe is sleeping in a tent meant for girls. The Angel then appears and wakes her up.)

Angel: (Whispering in a panicking voice.) Vuka.

Samukelisiwe: (Whispering in a puzzled voice.) Yini?

Angel: Umamakho.

Samukelisiwe: What is happening?

Angel: She’s dying. We have to go now. We do not have time.

Samukelisiwe: What about dad?

Angel: We will get to him later. Right now, we have to go.

Samukelisiwe: Okay.

Angel: Remember what I told you. Think and believe. Hold my hand.

(Samukelisiwe holds the Angel’s hand and they disappear.)

Tell us: How do you think the confrontation is going to go?