(In the Nyathi house, Samukelisiwe and the Angel suddenly appear in MaNyathi’s thoughts.)

Samukelisiwe: Sifunani la?

Angel: We are inside your mother. Wait, that sounds wrong. We are spiritually in your mother. She is in her room getting her blood sucked by a snake. If she dies in here, then she dies out there. (He looks at Samukelisiwe’s baggy clothes.) Wait, are you going to fight homeless people? (He touches her shoulder and she is magically dressed in a red Zion garment.) Much better.

(Samukelisiwe looks at her garment and rolls her eyes. In MaNaythi’s bedroom, the snake is in human form with snakeskin. The door is wide open. He is sucking MaNyathi’s blood like a vampire, and MaNyathi is helpless and in tears.)

(Back in reality, in MaNyathi’s room, MaNyathi is convulsing and in tears.)

(Back inside MaNyathi’s thoughts, Samukelisiwe and the Angel enter MaNyathi’s bedroom unheard. The snake is busy sucking her blood, and MaNyathi’s tearful eyes are helplessly staring at them.)

Angel: (Speaking in a frolicking tone.) It is not nice to suck the blood of umakoti wami, Snake.

(The snake lets go of MaNyathi.)

Snake: You have no power here, Nyathi. Just watch in vain.

Angel: (Pointing at Samukelisiwe.) She has power in here.

Snake: (Laughing.) A fifteen-year-old baby?

Angel: Age is just age, or number is not age. Yeah, something like that, I think.

(Samukelisiwe thinks, and when a spear appears in her hand, she throws it at the snake. The snake dodges the spear and it pierces the wall. The snake then spits venom at them, and Samukelisiwe thinks again and a Bible-like shield blocks the venom. The snake then jumps and punches the shield. Samukelisiwe thinks once again, and another spear appears on top of the snake’s head and kills it.)

Angel: Bravo, now your mother is safe.

(Samukelisiwe smiles.)

Angel: Do not celebrate, the snake will be back. Now, we have to find your father. We did not really kill the snake. He is stopped only for now.

Samukelisiwe: (Sounding enthused.) Let us go.

Angel: It is not easy. Let us go back to the camp.

Samukelisiwe: What about mom?

Angel: She will wake up healthy in the morning. You have to train, the snake will be back. Your life, your father’s life and your mother’s life are all in grave danger. What we did here is just delay the what is to come.

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