Femi: Quickly, we have to return the bike now and run before we are seen with it.

Mide: (Panicking) I am scared. We should never have taken the bike. We are going to be in trouble.

Femi: We won’t get caught. Stop wailing.

(They both quietly reach the Chief’s house. They place the bike in its former position. The door opens.)

Ahasi’s father: How dare you steal and spoil my son’s bike. You will be punished today.

(He sends for their parents)

(Later in the evening. Their parents arrive at the Chief’s house, both ashamed and embarrassed of their children.)

Ahasi’s father: I am quite sure that you have been aware of your sons disturbance and even damages to several properties of people in the village. I have been overlooking all that, thinking that they will turn a new leaf. I also have a child and I was being considerate. We can’t take it anymore. I have discussed with the elders and we have come to an agreement. Your sons will be taken to my farm to work as servants for some years.

The parents: Please don’t give them such a capital punishment. We are both old. How can we do the house chores on our own if you send them to your farm? Please consider us.

The chief: You should have thought about that when you preferred to stay quiet instead of scolding them properly.

(The guards take the children to the farm while they are chased out of the house.)


Tell us: Do you think the brothers could have been disciplined in another way?