(Femi and Mide are on their way home.)

Mide: Have you seen Ahasi’s new bicycle. It is so beautiful.

Femi: (Scoffing) What is so beautiful about a bicycle. We have ours. Why are you so excited about it?

Mide: It is of the latest models and it’s new. Ours is rusty and old. Ahasi keeps boasting and riding it around proudly. I wish I could wipe that proud grin from his face.

Femi: (After giving it a thought) I want to ride that bike.

Mide: Why don’t you ask him for the bike. I am sure he would be happy to let us play with it for a while.

Femi: (Nodding in approval) But dad told us to go back home.

Mide: Of course we will go home. After we ride the bike.

(At Ahasi’s house.)

Mide: (Knocking the door repeatedly) I think no one is home.

Femi: The bike is right here. We can take it and return it later.

Mide: Aren’t we supposed to ask for Ahasi’s permission first?

Femi: Yes, but he is not here. We are not stealing it; it will be returned later.

(While riding the bike, it hits a large rock, they tumble and fall while the bike smashed against the rock.)


Tell us: Do you think the boys will own up to ruining the bike?