(The three brothers are in a room, sitting and laying on the bed.)

Femi: I wish there is something interesting to do. (Sighing) I am so bored.

Fashola: I really want to do something fun.

Mide: Why don’t we go and hunt for some snakes in abandoned buildings. There are always snakes there. The person with the highest snakes gets money.

Femi: (Suddenly energetic) I am in, let’s do this!

(The three rush out towards the old abandoned house.)

(In the bush)

Femi: This snake is big. I have killed the biggest snakes here (Circling the snakes while poking them with a stick.)

Mide: Don’t be so confident, wait till Fashola gathers his findings.

(Fashola is furiously searching for a snake to kill. A loud thud followed by a scream.)

Fashola: Help! I have been bitten.

(Mide and Femi rush to carry him to the nearest hospital.)

(Their parents, Mr and Mrs Tunde rush to the hospital after receiving a phone call from Mide.)

Mr Tunde: How did you get bitten? Did you go into the old abandoned house again? I warned you boys to stay away from that building. (Angrily, he slams his fist on the table.)

Mrs Tunde: They promised not to ever go near that building again. I am sure they did not go there. Did you go there?

(Guiltily and panic stricken, they start to cry.)

Femi:. I did not want to go back there after you warned us not to ever go there again, but Mide suggested that we should.

Mrs Tunde: (Turning to Mide) Is that true?

Mide: (Nodding) Yes mum.

Mrs Tunde: (Breaking into tears) Why are you so disobedient?!

Mr Tunde: You never listen! I am ashamed of you. (To Mide and Femi) Return back home, you will be dealt with later. I will be home soon.


Tell us: Do you think the brothers will learn their lesson now?