(After some time they went to the competition and Luciano performed well as she won the competition. She decided to celebrate at the hotel, but on their way to the hotel they saw a woman holding a 9-month-old girl and she was shouting.)

Woman: If you want a baby take it.

(She is repeatedly saying that she is giving away her child. Luciano sees that woman and tells the driver to stop the car. She get out of the car and goes straight to that woman.)

Luciano: What on earth are you doing!? Why are giving away your child, are you perhaps crazy? (As Luciano says that Lucas comes out of the car and goes straight to her.)

Lucas: Baby please talk properly here.

Woman: You are right, I’m crazy that’s why I won’t be able to care of my child. Would you mind taking her?

Luciano: What on earth are you saying?

Lucas: Mam do you really want to give us your baby?

Woman: I have cancer, I won’t live long. I only have three days left until I die so please take care of my baby girl and give her a new name please.

Luciano: Lucas should I take the baby?

Lucas: (With a low voice) I don’t know but…

Luciano: I know we are still young, but with the money I got from the competition we will be able to raise her.

Lucas: What do you mean “we”?

Luciano: Please will you be her father? I’ll be her mom, please Lucas.

Lucas: Okay for yours and the baby’s sake I’ll be her father and you know that I love you I will never leave you alone in such situations.

Luciano: Thank you so much Lucas.

Lucas: Mam please give her to me.

Woman: (Gives them the baby) I’ll go now and don’t worry about the money, you will get it as soon as you arrive at your hotel. If you can tell me the name of the hotel and your room number please.

Luciano: Okay. (Giving her the name of the hotel and their room number) Bye mam.

(Lucas gives Luciano the baby and opens the door for them.)

(It has been four years now and Lucas and Luciano’s baby has grown up. She is 4 years old. She goes to a pre-school near Luciano’s school. Her name is Gugu. Luciano and Lucas have become the stars after finishing school Luciano became a very famous model and Lucas became famous by his romantic lovely songs as a famous singer and their daughter is beautiful and she is very intelligent like her mom Luciano and she is talkative like her dad Lucas.)

(Luciano, Lucas and Gugu lived happily as a family.)


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