(After school Luciano was done and just closing the windows with the other mates. Nomsa was already gone.)

Lucas: Hey baby.

Luciano: Ohh please Lucas not that name again.

Lucas: Relax I have great news for your baby.

Luciano: What news Lucas?

Lucas: You know how much I love you right?

Luciano: No I don’t and I don’t think that you are even in love with me.

Lucas: Oh well baby I’m totally crazy about you and I love you more than myself and I’ll do anything, I would even take a bullet for my love. You are making me go insane. You’re just like a drug and no rehab can fix it. I love you so much baby.

Luciano’s classmates: Ncoooo so sweet.

Luciano: I thought you loved me as your best friend, but…

Lucas: I love you (Giving Luciano a deep kiss and a long hug)

Luciano: Lucas please stop and let go.

Lucas: Okay honey. Let me tell you when are you going then.

Luciano: Okay tell me.

Lucas: The 27th of March.

Luciano: That’s so soon. I only have one day.

Lucas: Relax I will help you let go now.

(The next day Luciano was packing her clothes and before she knew it the day arrived for her to leave. She left immediately with Lucas, he was her support.)

(At the hotel Lucas was talking to the receptionist so that they could get to their rooms.)

Lucas: Hey do you have rooms?

Receptionist: Yes, but we only have one room left.

Luciano: One room!?

Lucas: Why is there only one room left?

Luciano: You have to be joking. Mam please check again.

Receptionist: No I’m not. The room has two beds.

Lucas: It’s fine Mam, the key please.

Luciano: But… okay it’s fine.

Receptionist: Here is your key to your enjoy.

Lucas: Actually yes we will enjoy ourselves.

Luciano: Oh really, as if you will.

Lucas: Come on stop talking.

(They go to the lift and up to their room.)

Luciano: Finally we are here. (Opening the door.)

Lucas: Open quickly.

Luciano: Oh my word, what a beautiful bedroom.

Lucas: It’s beautiful as you.

Luciano: Oh please not again.

Lucas: Okay sorry.

(Days have past. Luciano has been patiently waiting for the competition.)

(Luciano waits for Lucas to get out of the bathroom.)

Luciano: Oh please come out.

Lucas: Okay I’m out then.

Luciano: (Luciano bumps into Lucas while taking her towel) Ouch that hurt.

Lucas: Oh I’m sorry honey. Oh gosh please sit down.

Luciano: Ouch it hurts so much.

Lucas: Okay go to the bathroom and I’ll give you a massage before we go please.

Luciano: Okay then I’ll go. (She takes a bath and then goes to Lucas for a massage on her head.)

Lucas: Come on, sleep on my lap, I’ll massage you.

(Luciano closes her eyes.)

Luciano: Make it quick we need to leave.

Lucas: Okay, don’t worry.


Tell us: How do you think Luciano will do in the competition?