(It is after school when Luciano’s male bestie, Lucas, arrives in her class. Lucas comes from behind; he wants to surprise Luciano.)

Lucas: Hey baby.

Luciano: Wooo! (Luciano screams) My Gosh. Lucas are you crazy, why did you do that?

Lucas: Sorry I wanted to give you a big surprise baby.

Luciano: Oh and stop calling me baby all the time please.

Lucas: Oh no problem then, but I have a surprise for you.

Luciano: Mmm what surprise then? (Closing her school bag.)

Lucas: You are in baby.

Luciano: In where?

Lucas: Modelling competition, you are in.

Luciano: (With excitement on her face) Really Lucas?

Lucas: Yes baby, you are in.

Luciano: Okay when is the competition?

Lucas: 01 March

Luciano: Really Lucas?

Lucas: Yes and there is more.

Luciano: What’s that?

Lucas: I bought a dress, shoes and jewellery for you.

Luciano: Lucas! (Hugging him) I can’t thank you enough my bestie. Thank you.

Lucas: It was nothing sweetheart.

Luciano: Okay let’s go then, before it gets late.

Lucas: Okay my love.

Luciano: Oh drop that please.

Lucas: Okay bestie. (They laugh)

(Luciano had female friends, but she never showed interest in them because the only thing they did was to gossip about other girls at the school. She showed more interest in Lucas as if they were dating, and the other girls hated Luciano because she always with the boy of their dreams.)
(Luciano gets home and tells her mom the news. They celebrate and dance and do fun things.)

(The next day at school, Nomsa speaks to Luciano about how she is avoiding them since she has been friends with the most popular boy in school.)

Nomsa: So what, don’t you eat lunch with us anymore?

Luciano: Why? Do you miss me when I’m not there?

Nomsa: You are always with Mr Handsome. You eat lunch with him, he walks you home and fetches you in the morning as if you are dating. What’s even worse is he calls you baby, sweetheart, wifey, it’s so annoying.

Luciano: (Laughing) And you’re mad?

Nomsa: Why are you laughing?

Luciano: Do you love him?

Nomsa: Uhm, no… I don’t… Yes, but a little.

Luciano: Oh but to him I’m his wife.

Nomsa: I don’t care, but I love him.

Luciano: I don’t know. (While they were talking Lilly comes between them.)

Lilly: Hey girls, what is the conversation about?

Luciano: It’s nothing dear, we were having a small girls talk you know.

Lilly: Okay honey. So are you going to the competition?

Luciano: Yeah I am thanks to your brother. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be going you know. He bought a dress, shoes and jewellery for me.

Lilly: Ncoooo my brother really loves you a lot, you know.

Luciano: As his best friend right?

Lilly: No as his future wife.

Luciano: Oh please Lilly.

Lilly: (The teacher arrives) I will go now girls.

Luciano: Bye babe. (She kisses her on the cheek)

(Lilly went to her class, she was beautiful too. She had all the boys and some girls hated her while others gave her respect. They treated her like a queen because they hoped she would give them her brother, but she was never interested in giving them her brother Lucas, because she already knew that Lucas had found a very beautiful, intelligent and smart wife in Luciano.)


Tell us: Do you think Lucas really loves Luciano?