(It’s lunch time, most students are scattered everywhere across the school grounds. Some are chatting, some chasing after each other, some are eating and some are reading their textbooks. Mr C is among them but standing alone under an apple tree, eating a banana. On the other hand, he’s holding a white paper. He decides to shift while his gaze fixed at the three girls arguing from a distance. A group of boys pass by him.

Mr C softly whistles, next thing, he trips and falls. The banana and white paper slip to the ground. A group of boys laugh at him and everybody suddenly turns around and see him covered by the dust. Three tall boys pass by him.)

Boys: Sorry Mr C.

(Five tall girls pass by.)

Girls: Sooorrrry!

(One short skinny girl stops to help).

Girl: (Reach her hand to Mr C’s) Let me help you.

Mr. C: (Stands up and dusts himself off) It’s OK my child. I’m fine, you can go.

(After the young girl left, the white paper on the ground gets swept by the wind to the other side of the fence. He runs after it but his shoe crushes the banana and he falls again. Students laugh at him.

Lunch time is over; students are back in their classes. Mr C enters his noisy class)

Xoli: (Shouts) Nay’ le walk ye President of banana republic!

(Students laugh).

Mr C: (Glances his dusty boots) What’s funny huh?

Students: (In unison) Can we say it?

Mr C: No, save it.

(Students laugh)

Mr C: OK, as you all know that this is a free period, well you may ask questions about anything you didn’t understand during my lessons.


Mr C: OK, I guess you understand everything. Now guys…

Xoli: (Interrupts) We aren’t your guys, let’s start there.

Mr C: Can you please just shut up OK? I’m the only boss in here. Now, tell me, do you believe in life after death? Anyone?

Student: Do you?

Mr C: No, I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in such crap.

Student: Well, prepare yourself for hell.

Mr C: Ouch! So are you telling me someone in the sky is watching me? Us? (Laugh) programing is real.

Student: What do you mean by ‘Programing’?

Mr C: You are programmed to believe in a fictional god, that’s crap, your forefathers have been bowing to him yet they suffered. You’re always praying yet your conditions are the worst. Don’t you guys think it’s time for change?

Student: Well, I want to go to heaven.

Mr C: (laugh) I’m sorry if it’s not on earth then it’s an alien place. Konje, where is heaven?

(Students Laugh).

Mr C: Anyone with a question?

2nd Student: (Smiles, flashing his gold tooth) I do believe in life after death, Shakespeare died yet is still posting on his Facebook page. I know that’s incredible right?

Mr C: (Looks at him) Are you sick in the head son? What you’re saying don’t match the value of that gold in your mouth, you’re a disgrace, do you know that?

2nd Student: (Glances behind) Me?

(Students giggle)

Mr C: I’m not surprised by your behaviour. Even chickens have wings but don’t fly. So yeah, it’s possible to have a brain and not think. Next?

3rd Student: I’m an intelligent and sophisticated young lady with a big ass. I mean big ass.

Mr C: So what?

3rd Student: I weigh 77 kg. What will happen if I drink castor oil?

Mr C: Listen, you are stupid, you’re an idiot. You’re an imbecile and your mama raised a legend of morons. I got no time for these kind of stupid questions.

Xoli: Wow! Sir you can rap? You are now our new JZ!

Students: (Cheer) JZ! JZ!

Mr C: OK listen, your JZ is talking, respect him.

(Students laugh).

Mr C: OK, listen tomorrow morning, well I know you’re not ready for this one, but y’all are writing a test for 100 marks. Now, I drop the mic.

Students: Oh, hell no! You are joking right?

Mr C: Nope! I’m damn serious. Now bye!

(He gets out)


Tell us: Do you think the way Mr C treats his students is right? Have you ever experienced a teacher like Mr C?