They were lovers and soulmates. They broke up. Years later, they meet up again.


It’s a cloudy, windy day alongside the coast of Durban. Michael is late for a meeting. He drives nearby Suncoast Casino where he sees a Jeep Grand Cherokee standing at the side of the road. A lady is trying to change the front left tyre. She is well attired in her lace blue dress, showing off her beautiful legs.

Michael: Good morning, do you need help?

The lady is unable to hear Michael because of the traffic and cars hooting. He leaves her and assumes that she is fine by herself.

Michael arrives at his meeting and everything goes well. Three hours later, he decides to eat lunch at Pavilion Mall.

Waitress: Good day Sir, what would you like to eat?

Michael: Prawns, Sushi and Red Wine Please.

Waitress: So it’s prawns, sushi and red wine?

Michael: Yes Ma’am.

The waitress leaves.

A few metres away from him, a beautiful voice attracts him. But he keeps searching for this lovely voice and he can’t find the owner. His order arrives. After 30 minutes, Michael asks for the bill. He pays and departs the restaurant.

Whilst being at Pavilion Mall, he enters John Craig to pick up his charcoal tuxedo.

Michael: I will look like a true gentleman in this.

Store Manager: Indeed, sir.

Michael: Thanks once again, have a lovely afternoon.

He leaves the store and enters his Porsche. As he is about to drive off, he sees the Jeep Grand Cherokee again.

Michael: Isn’t this the same car? (he asks himself.)

It is driven by a beautiful woman. She has a Peruvian weave on, blue lace dress and stunning legs. For a moment Michael is shocked. He steps out the car.

Michael: Nompumelelo!

Nompumelelo: Michael! (she says amazed)

They hug and there are tears in Nompumelelo’s eyes.

Nompumelelo: I thought I’d never see you again.

Michael: Don’t cry. Life is full of surprises.

Nompumelelo: I know. Beautiful surprises.

Michael: Take this, (he hands her a handkerchief) wipe those beautiful, watery tears.

Nompumelelo: Thanks!

Michael: Let’s go out for dinner tonight and catch up. I hope I’m not being forward or anything but here, take my card. Call me and you can pick the restaurant.

Nompumelelo: You’ve always been forward, Mike. And that’s what I always loved about you. But then again, sure, why not.

Michael: I’ll pick you up at 7 p.m.

They depart to their different locations.


Nompumelelo arrives at her beautiful home in Morningside.

Nompumelelo: Baby, I’m home.

Steven: (happy to see her) My love, you’re back.

Nompumelelo: (complaining) My feet are killing me.

Steven: Let me run you a shower filled with bubbles. I’m sure you’ll feel much better.

Nompumelelo: You’re too kind.

She quickly showers and gets ready for her night out with Michael.

Steven: Going somewhere?

Nompumelelo: Meeting with an old friend.

Steven: Oh, will see you when you return. I also have a braai with the boys.

Nompumelelo: Perfect! Let me get ready.

She comes out 30 minutes later looking stunning.

Steven: Wow! You look amazing, as always.

Nompumelelo: Thank You!

She enters her Jeep and makes a call.

Nompumelelo: Hey Michael. It’s Nompumelelo, change of plans. I will drive myself to our destination.

Michael: No problem. So where are we going?

Nompumelelo: The Oyster, in Umhlanga.

Michael: Perfect! See you in a few.

They arrive at the Oyster in Umhlanga.

Michael: Wow, look at you. Stunning!

Nompumelelo: Thanks. You’re not too bad yourself Mr.

Michael: I’m flattered.

Michael pulls out Nompumelelo’s chair.

Nompumelelo: Still a gentleman. Thank You.

Michael: Anything for you. So what are you doing, career wise?

Nompumelelo: I own a Radio Station. Also businesses in and around KwaZulu-Natal. Yourself?

Michael: Oh well, I’m a CEO of a Law Firm in Ballito.

They keep talking until they order. They eat and Michael is talking about his work.

Nompumelelo: Successful I see. Oh that’s the time. (glancing at her watch)

Michael: Is there something wrong?

Nompumelelo: I need to be home. My Steven is probably waiting for me.

Michael: Oh! You’re married.

Nompumelelo: Yes, to my loving Steven. Thanks again, this was lovely. Have a great evening.

She gets up and leaves. And shortly after, before he leaves, Michael makes a call.

Michael: Hey Slindile. Can we meet? Tomorrow at 8 a.m.?

Sli: Sure, see you then. Must I come to your office or what?

Michael: Of course. Sharp!


It’s midnight and Nompumelelo enters her lovely home.

Steven: You’re back, I see.

Nompumelelo: Yes, my dinner took longer than expected.

Steven: I see. Come let’s go to bed. Lelo, I love you.

Nompumelelo: I love you too.

He kisses her and they go to bed.


It’s the next day at Nompumelelo’s house.

Steven: Morning, how’s my beautiful wife?

Nompumelelo: She’s good.

Steven: Care to have lunch later on?

Nompumelelo: Baby, I can’t. I already have a lunch meeting with Laura.

Steven: I will make dinner then. Your favourite, Mac & Cheese.

Nompumelelo: Thanks baby, see you later.

They kiss and depart.


Slindile is meeting up with Michael.

Michael: Sli, come in.

Sli: What’s so urgent? I need to get back to the office.

Michael: I met Nompumelelo.

Sli: Nompumelelo?

Michael: Yes, Lelo. My lover of seven years.

Sli: No way, but how?

Michael: I bumped into her at Pavilion.

Sli: You still love her don’t you?

Michael: She’s married.

Sli: But that doesn’t need to stop you. If she feels the same, nothing can stand in your way.

Michael: Sli, I could be breaking a beautiful family.

Sli: Oh please! Be selfish for once.

Michael: What? And I call you my best friend.

Sli: Exactly. Follow your heart. Cheers, see you later.
It’s 2 p.m. Laura and Nompumelelo are having lunch.

Laura: Hey Nana, how are you?

Nompumelelo: I’m great. You?

Laura: Same old. Wait, you’re glowing.

Nompumelelo: No, there’s no such.

Laura: Lelo, I’m your best friend. Talk to me, what’s up?

Nompumelelo: I met Michael.

Laura: Arrogant Michael?

Nompumelelo: He was never arrogant though, anyways. Yes him.

Laura: You’re married to an amazing Steven!

Nompumelelo: I know.

Laura: It doesn’t seem like it. Steven Ledwaba is a good Steven and don’t you dare forget that!

Nompumelelo: Do you have to be like this?

Laura: Nompumelelo Ledwaba! Don’t destroy something so great for your primary school fling. Snap out of it!

Nompumelelo: Thanks for lunch. I need to get back to work.

The two friends depart the restaurant.


Steven has returned from work, he’s making Mac & Cheese when the doorbell rings.

Steven: Coming. (he opens the door and Michael is at his door.)

Michael: Hello there.

Steven: Yes, how can I help you?

Michael: Oh, my bad. I’m Michael Jiyane. I’m actually looking for Nompumelelo.

Steven: My wife? She hasn’t returned from work yet. But you can wait for her if you want.

Michael: I’ll do just that. May I?

Steven: Of course, come in.

Michael: Thanks.

Steven: So how do you know my wife?

Michael: She’s my…

Michael is interrupted by Nompumelelo’s entrance.

Steven: Baby, look who I found.

Nompumelelo: Michael, this is my Steven Steven. Baby this is Michael, an old friend.

Steven: What a pleasure to meet you. Why don’t you stay for dinner?

Nompumelelo: No, I’m sure Michael already has plans.

Michael: I would love to.

The three ate dinner, the men got to know each other better and goodbyes were said.

Steven: He is great company, isn’t he?

Nompumelelo: I suppose. You can go to sleep, I’ll clean up.

Steven: Don’t be long.

Nompumelelo cleans up, she receives a text.

Thanks for tonight.

It’s the next morning. Laura confronts Michael at his penthouse in Ballito.

Michael: Laura Gumede? What a pleasant surprise.

Laura: Arrogant little bastard!

Michael: Excuse me?

Laura: What do you think you’re doing?

Michael: Let me guess, this is about Nompumelelo?

Laura: Yes, who else. Stay away from her, she’s married.

Michael: Who are you? Her mother. Please, get out of my penthouse.

Laura: Michael! You’re playing with fire.

Michael: I love Nompumelelo. I’ve never stopped loving her. Please close the door on your way out.

Michael goes upstairs.
It’s in the Ledwaba household.

Steven: Are you well? You look dull.
Nompumelelo: I’m fine.

Steven: It’s our anniversary tomorrow, I can’t believe it’s been 35 years.

He kisses her on the cheek.

Nompumelelo: I know.

There’s a knock on the door.

Nompumelelo: Laura, come in.

Laura: Ready for tomorrow?

Nompumelelo: Yes.

Laura: Are you sure?

Steven enters into the living room.

Steven: Laura!

Laura: Steve. You good?

Steven: I’m too good. Thanks to my lovely and beautiful wife.

Nompumelelo smiles.

Steven: Before I forget, please invite Michael for tomorrow’s function.

Steven exits.

Laura: What!

Nompumelelo: He is fond of him.

Laura: Nonsense!

Nompumelelo: Laura, I love my Steven.

Laura: But Michael doesn’t know that? Does he?

Nompumelelo: Can we drop this.

Laura texts Michael.

You’re invited to the Ledwaba’s 35th Anniversary tomorrow evening. Bring a partner.
It’s the day of the anniversary.

Steven: Good morning my beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, supreme and the rock in my life.

Nompumelelo: Morning, Happy Anniversary. I Love You.

The day is pretty much hectic, everyone is getting ready. It’s the big night. The lovely couple is stunning, so is their beautiful home. The ceremony begins.

Pastor: We’re gathered here to witness the beauty of love. The love between Mr and Mrs Ledwaba. Thirty-five years of marriage, what’s the secret?

Steven: It’s the love we share.

Nompumelelo: It’s the trust and honesty.

Steven: She’s my light, my joy and my everything.

Nompumelelo: The man of my dreams.

Steven: With you, I’m complete.

Nompumelelo: I love you Steven but my heart belongs to someone else.

Steven: What do you mean?

Nompumelelo: Michael is the one for me, he always been.

Steven: You’re my friend, my pillar, my strength and I love you to death. Whatever makes you happy, I’m happy.

Steven takes Michael’s hand and places it on Nompumelelo’s tender hands.

Steven: Protect her. Cherish her. Love her, don’t break her. She’s a special woman. (Steven gives them his blessing and leaves.)

Michael: Thirty-five years ago, I said goodbye to you. Thirty-five years later you’re brought back to my soul. Nompumelelo, you’ve always been the woman for me and this time around, I’m not prepared to let you go.

Nompumelelo: Michael, you’re the man for me.

Steven re-enters the room, holding a gun.

Steven: Nompumelelo, remember when we made our vows at our wedding?

Nompumelelo: Steven, put the gun down.

Steven: No, we said death shall do us apart. So it shall be.

Laura: No, somebody stop him!

Steven shoots Nompumelelo and himself.

Michael: No! No! Nompumelelo, wake up! Baby you can’t leave me. I need you. I love you. You’re my Life. I can’t survive without you. (he also shoots himself.)

Steven, Michael and Nompumelelo were now dead. It was Love. Death did them apart indeed.

The End


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