(In the morning, the family wakes up to prepare for the journey to Asiphe’s home for the funeral arrangements. Kegomoditswe enters into Lusapho’s bedroom and catches him looking at a portrait of Asiphe with his eyes filled with tears.)

Kegomoditswe: (Lets out a sigh.) I still cannot believe it as well, such an innocent soul.

Lusapho: I am nothing without her. She was the pillar of my strength, and now I have to learn to live without her. How is that even possible, Mom? I mean, I was so ready to make her my wife and build a warm home with her. Another thing that brings nothing but sorrow in my heart is the fact that the person who gave birth to me and had all the answers to all the questions I have deep inside took her life, and that I have to accept it just like that and move on. Is this how life is supposed to be? No Mom, this is no life at all. I really do not know if I can really do this. To begin with, what will I say to her family? Will they even believe that the person who was soon to be the mother of my child is actually my sister? I do not know if I should really go there. In fact, I do not know what my heart wants.

Kegomoditswe: Stop abusing your mind with all of these questions. They will not do anything. You are just overthinking, that is all, so get ready and let us get going.

Lusapho: Their daughter took her life in our apartment, of course they will want to know what really caused that. I am not ready for all of that.

Kegomoditswe: So you want them to think that you are the cause of her death? Because it is exactly what they will think if you do not go there.

Lusapho: Mom, you don’t understand. I …

(Noluvo enters.)

Noluvo: We better get going because time is not on our side. Lusapho, your Mother and I will travel with you in your car. I told Lumko to travel with Khanyi and her husband to Johannesburg to go and get Asiphe’s belongings because they need to be by her home. They will find us there. Lumko knows the place, does he not?

Lusapho: He does know the place. Thank you Aunty. I would not survive a minute in that apartment after everything that happened.

Noluvo: I know, Son, that is why I did not want you to go along with them. Alright, let us get going.

(They leave the room and head to the car while Lusapho grabs their luggage. His phone then rings as he approaches the car, and it is Esona.)

Lusapho: Hello! Look, I will call you back later. I am still a bit busy currently.

Esona: Morning. No problem, I just wanted to check if you did not change your mind about going to the funeral. It is okay, we can talk later when you are not busy.

Lusapho: No, I am actually about to drive there now as we speak. I will call you later.

Esona: Alright, no problem. Later then.

(Lusapho gets into his car, starts the car, and then takes off.)

Tell us: What do you think Asiphe’s family will say when they find out the truth?