[The issue of Zero leaves Marth and Thabo to be clean to each other.]

Marth: You did not like my son.

Thabo: He is my son, don’t say that.

Marth: Your stepson, that’s why you didn’t love him.

Thabo: I care for him.

Marth: Why did you lie about him smoking?

Thabo: He does and his friends do too.

Marth: That’s what people who don’t have their own children do.

Thabo: What do you mean?

Marth: Always are against children.

Thabo: That’s what you think?

Marth: Oh! Then tell me what to think then.

Thabo: I also have my own two kids.

Marth: What? And you are telling me this now?

Thabo: YES! You are pushing me.

Marth: Why don’t you pack your things and go to them.

Thabo: You are chasing me out?

Marth: I’m asking you a question.

Thabo: They hate me.

Marth: Just like Zero does. You are useless.

Thabo: Like you who is unemployed. Who puts foods on table here?

Marth: I don’t have time for that.

Thabo: You son is a thief too.

Marth: What about your children then?

Thabo: They are successful at school.

Marth: Can you prove it?

Thabo: No, but I know it.

Marth: Zero is in Grade12 now.

Thabo: He is over twenty years now.

[Zero was out, the police noticed they got wrong suspect.]

Thabo: Mr Officer.

Bill: Can I help you, Sir?

Thabo: My son Zero, is he in here?

Bill: Yes, he will be out in minutes. He is not our suspect.

Thabo: Ok, thank you.

Zero: Where is mom?

Thabo: Hi son, she is at home cooking.

Zero: Let’s get out of here.

Thabo: Yep, let’s go.


Let’s chat: What would you advise Thabo to change things with Zero?