(It is a few years later, and Sethu is walking is town. As he is walking, he sees Molly and approaches her.)

Sethu: Hey, buddy.

Molly: Hi.

Sethu: Can I walk with you?

Molly: Sure.

Sethu: You know, about …

Molly: Don’t go there please, just don’t …

Sethu: Okay, where are you going to?

Molly: I’m looking for Lisa and her mom. They disappeared ever since you were arrested … If you do not mind, we can search for them together, if you are not rushing somewhere.

Sethu: I am not.

Molly: Okay then, lets keep searching.

Sethu: Thank you Molly, for everything.

Molly: Do you remember what I said to you 20 years ago? I said I would always be here for you.

Sethu: I love you buddy.

Molly: (Smiling.) I love you too buddy.


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