(It is the following morning, and Sethu is walking in the streets, coming from the shop. He overhears two women chatting.)

Lady1: Imbi mntase le nto, Umntu nomyeni wakhe babulawe nge nxesha linye,

Lady2: Worse, Molly bezilungele kanjani friend.

Lady2: Yakhumbula atshomene nalowa wase Cape Town high, ban kanene? uSethu.

Lady1: Ndiyakhumbula tshomi, abantu bebecinga bayoze bajole abaya ihlobo abebevana ngalo. (Sethu interferes.)

Sethu: wait, Molly was shot? Is she dead?

Lady2: Andidikwe ngabantu abathanda indaba, khawuye e Groote-Schuur bhuti uyozijongela.

(Sethu quickly rushes to the hospital. He is shown where Molly is admitted.)

Sethu: (Crying.) I am sorry buddy. I never knew it was you, I am so sorry buddy.

Molly: So, it was you? It was you who killed my husband and children?

Sethu: You had a husband? You had children?

Molly: Sethu, leave, leave me alone. I do not want anything to do with you anymore. You are a murder, and you deserve to rot in jail.

Sethu: Molly no, please don’t.

Molly: (Shouting.) Nurse! Nurse. (Nurse comes.)

Nurse: Sir, you need to leave.


Tell us: Do you think Molly will ever be able to forgive Sethu for killing her family?