(Sethu is at school. Since he broke up with Natasha, he cannot focus very well. His teacher, Mr Koopman, notices him.)

Mr Koopman Whenever a person buys something on credit, they are charged interest. Interest is a fee that is added to the actual value of a product for the convenience of receiving cash from an institution. This means that, if you borrow money from a bank, you will have to pay the actual value of the loan, plus an interest fee. There are two types of interest: simple and compound. Simple interest is calculated only on the actual, initial value of the amount borrowed. Compound interest is calculated on the actual, initial value, plus interest on the interest at a specific point in time. Mr Ngqoyiyana, tell the pilot who is flying your brain to make a U-turn and bring your mind into my damn class.

Sivuyise: Maybe, sir, the pilot is doing the best thing to fly his mind away. South African girls are not for him. (Class laughs.)

Mr Koopman: (Confused.) What do you mean, Sivuyise?

Sivuyise: They finished him, Meneer. They finished his heart. Sethu thought he would date the whole Miss Cape Town High. Oh boy, you must know your league.

Sethu: (Angrily gets up from his chair in order to manhandle Sivuyise.) You dare speak about me like that? I will give you what you deserve my boy.

Mr Koopman: (Shouting.) Sethu! To your sit, now! Let’s continue with our lesson, and Sethu, if you need to pee, go my boy.

(Sethu goes out of the classroom. On his way to the bathroom, Natasha shows up, and he approaches her.)

Sethu: Can I have a sec?

Natasha: You’ve got a minute.

Sethu: Listen man, I know we broke up, but that does not mean we have to be strangers.

Natasha: Down to 30 seconds.

Sethu: Cmon Natasha, you can’t do that to me, after these years of us, on the 5th year you giving up?

Natasha: You know Sethu … people have been questioning us about this relationship. How can a rich Coloured person date a poor Black person like you? At first I did not listen to them, but now I am holding the big position at this school, Miss Cape Town High. (She laughs.) So … You don’t meet my status anymore handsome.

Sethu: (Sadly.) Who meets your status now, Natasha?

Natasha: Since you asked, that beautiful rich boy from your class is my new man, Sivuyise. Now, bye-bye. I have got some duties to do as the new ‘Miss Cape Town High’.


Tell us: What do you think about the reasons Natasha gave Sethu for breaking up with him?