(The following day Nhtando comes to knock at Thabangs door. Thabang opens up)

Thabang: What do you want here Nthando?

Nthando: Thabang I know nothing about the death of your parents, I only dated the guy because I wanted to fit in with my new friends. I didn’t know that those guys kill people. Thabang please forgive me. We can go to the police station; I will tell the police what they do.

Thabang: They will all pay for pain that they have caused me.

Nthando: Thabang we have to take this matter to the police.

(Thabang closes the door)

(Lerato arrives a few minutes later)

Lerato: And then what do you want here?

Nthando: We need to talk to Thabang.

Lerato: What’s wrong with him?

Nthando: He found out who murdered his parents, we have to go to the police and report the case.

Lerato: How did he find out and who are they?

Nthando: I didn’t know that the Bozza Gang is the one behind Thabang parents’ death. I only found out yesterday through a necklace that belonged to his mother.

Lerato: They took the necklace after murdering Thabang’s parents?

Nthando: Yes and that necklace was given to me as a present.

Lerato: Thabang open the door!

(Thabang opens the door and comes out wearing a jacket.)

Nthando: Thabang where are you going?

(Thabang ignores Nthando)

Lerato: Thabang where are you going?

Nthando: We need to go to the police station.

(Nthando and Lerato run to the police station as Thabang goes to the gang’s place. When he reaches the gang’s place he shoots everyone in sight.)

(Nthando and Lerato get in with the police and drive to the gang’s house.)

Lerato: Ah Thabang, what have you done?


Tell us: Do you agree with the actions of Thabang?