(Two weeks later after funeral)

(Sergeant Khumalo is talking to Thabang)

Sergeant Khumalo: Thabang, I know what happened to you is painful my boy, we promise you that we will do our best to find the criminals. If you suspect someone, please let us know. We have more cases that are like this and most people want to avenge themselves immediately after finding out who the criminals are. Please Thabang don’t take the law into your own hands. We are here to help.

(Six months later)

Nthando: So Thabang will you be able to give me the money that I’ve asked for?

Thabang: Eish Ntando it’s hard my love (He gives her R10) That’s what I have.

Nthando: R10? What can I do with R10 Thabang?

Thabang: But you know that I am not working, I am still at school.

Nthando: Then you don’t deserve me.

Thabang: What do you mean about that?

Nthando: There are boys your age who can do better than you.

Thabang: Entlek who are you talking about?

(Bozza Gang is sitting on his chair. Ntando enters)

Bozza Gang: (Praising Nthando) Sweet potato amazambane anoshukela hmmm hlanga Nani, vaties and monies. Come to Papa my sweet potato.

Hazel: No baby what’s happening, you are my man.

Bozza Gang: Futsek wena. You know that you my first bitch, and you sweet potato you will be my second. Ngifuna ubambe u left wena ubambe u right, Ngifuna nibe ama wings my hot wings.
(To Chunly) Chunly bring me that chain that I asked you to keep safe for me.

(Chunly comes back with the chain.)

Hazel: Is that for me, oh wow, thanks babes.

Bozza Gang: Hai man relax, I am giving this necklace to my right wing. Sweet potatoes stand up.

(He stands up and puts it on Nthando, Hazel gets angry and leaves as her friends follow her.)

Bozza Gang: Don’t mind them, they will come back. Do you love the necklace?

Nthando: It’s beautiful, I love it. Thanks Bozza Gang

Bozza Gang: Anytime my sweet potato.

(Somewhere on the streets)

Hazel: I can’t believe that bitch took my man.

Louisa: Relax commie, that girl uzowa nje soon

California: Yeah, Bozza Gang will chew her and dump her

(Thabang and Thandi)

Thabang: I don’t know why it took me this long to realise that there is someone like you.

Lerato: I won’t blame you, you really loved that girl.

Thabang: But now I have you in my life. (They look at each other, as they are about to kiss, but the phone’s ring interrupts them.)

Thabang: OK no problem, will meet when you are free again.

(Nthando at the shops with one of the gang girls)

(Thabang is at the same store buying groceries and he sees the necklace that Nthando is wearing. It reminds him of his father giving the necklace to his mother. He approaches Nthando)

Thabang: Where did you get this necklace?

Nthando: What’s wrong with you? First of all you don’t greet me.

Thabang: I am asking you a question, where did you get this necklace?

Nthando: Friend let’s leave, I think this guy has gone mad.

Thabang: (Grabs Nthando’s hand) Hey wena! This necklace belonged to my mother before she died. It means you know who killed my parents.

Nthando: What?

Thabang: This necklace was hand made by my father; you will never find a necklace like this. You killed my Parents Nthando?

Nthando: No, I will never do that; my boyfriend gave me this necklace.

(Nthando takes off the necklace)

Thabang: You and your boyfriend killed my parents and you will pay for what you did.

Nthando: No Thabang, I know nothing about this.


Tell us: Do you believe that Nthando is innocent?