(As Thabang’s parents are seating in dining room, the 398’s gang enter wearing masks)

(One of the gang members knocks on the front door)

Father: Who is it?

(There’s no response and the gang member knocks once again)

Mother: Who is it?

(Father goes to check who’s at the door. As he opens the door, a gang member hits him with a gun as he falls to the ground)

(Mother screams and a gang member points a gun to her head to keep her quiet)

Gang: We don’t want to hurt you, what we want from you is the money that your husband has.

Mother: What money are you talking about?

Gang member: Don’t waste my time. You know what I am talking about, or do you want me to kill you?

Mother: Okay, I will show you.

(She takes the key out of a pot and they take her back to the dining room. Her husband wakes up and punches one of the members of the gang. He wrestles to remove his mask and when he does he realises that it’s someone he knows.)

Father: Tankiso why are you doing this? Your father will be so disappointed in you.

Tankiso: I am sorry; this was not supposed to happen like this way.

(He shoots both the Mother and Father)

Gang member 2: Oh Fuck Tankiso what have you done?

Tankiso: Hei futsek wena, these people saw us…Let’s leave.

(They exit with the money.)

(The neighbour enters and sees what has just happened.)

Neighbour: Oh my gosh… (She takes her phone and calls the police)

(Outside, Nthando and Thabang are standing embracing each other)

Thabang: (Smiles) So the kiss is my present?

Nthando: Yes, and maybe next time it will be more than a kiss.

(Thabang’s phone rings)

Thabang: Hello…What? My Mother and Father have been shot?

(He drops the phone and turns to Nthando.)

Thabang: There is a problem at home, I have to go.

Nthando: I am coming with you Thabang.

(When they arrive home, Thabang finds his parents dead.)

Thabang: (Cries out loud) Mama…Papa…Mama…No. No. Mama wake up! Mama!

(Thabang cries out in despair and holds onto Nthando seeking comfort.)


Tell us: How would you react if you lost someone close to you?