(Thabang’s phone rings. It’s his girlfriend Nthando.)

Thabang: Sorry can I take this call? (Goes to the other room) Hi Nthando.

Nthando: Hello Birthday boy, how are you my love?

Thabang: I am not good because I have not seen you today; I was hoping I would see you earlier.

Nthando: Sorry, I had to go somewhere with my mom and my phone was off. Is it possible that I see you for ten minutes, I have something for you?

Thabang: Uhm… and what is it?

Nthando: You will see it when you are here.

Thabang: Okay I am coming.

Nthando: And don’t forget to bring me cake.

Thabang: (Laughs) Okay sharp.

(He grabs his jacket and quickly puts it on)

Mother: Where are you going now Thabang?

(Goes back to the dining room with a lunch box)

Thabang: A friend of mine is outside, can I cut a slice of cake for my friend?

Father: Why don’t you tell your friend to come inside?

Thabang: The friend is in a hurry, can’t stay.

Father: Okay.

Mother: Make sure that the friend brings my Tupperware back.

Thabang: Okay Ma.

(Thabang exits.)

Mother: I wonder who the girl is that’s driving my son crazy.

Father: She must be just like you; I also couldn’t wait to see you.

Mother: You were supposed to because you couldn’t resist me.

(Thabang and Nthando embrace in a hug)

Nthando: Hello my love, my mom will kill me if she finds out that I am not at home. I had to come spend some time with you since it’s your birthday.

Thabang: I also couldn’t wait to see you. Here is your cake.

Nthando: Thanks, and I can also keep the Tupperware?

Thabang: (Laughs) No. My mom will me kill me, she told me to bring it back.

Nthando: Don’t worry I will bring it back my love.

Thabang: So you said you have something for me?

Nthando: Close your eyes (Nthando kisses Thabang)


Tell us: What do you think of Thabang keeping Nthando a secret from his parents?