(Tankiso is running to Bozza Gang’s place)

(At Bozza Gang’s place the girls are shining guns. Bozza gang and his gang are planning a robbery mission. Tankiso’s enters the room.)

(The girls aim the guns at Tankiso)

Bozza king: Hei fock maan, you enter here as if you entering in a train.

Tankiso: Sorry Bozza Gang.

Bozza Gang: You are late, but you want to be a part of our gang.

Tankiso: Sorry, my father sent me to pay stokvel money at some house.

Bozza Gang: Stokvel money.

Tankiso: Yes my father is part of this stockvel with 14 other fathers that they give each other R2500 every month.

Bozza Gang: R2500. That’s a lot of money. Princess my accountant, R2500 times 14 is how much?

Princess: R35 000

Bozza Gang: That’s a lot of money. Do we still have the masks?

Chunly: Yes.

Tankiso: Masks for what?

Bozza Gang: You are going to show us that house, we are going to take that money.

Tankiso: But we can’t do that, this people are my friend’s father.

Bozza Gang: This people took your father’s R2500, so we are going to take it.

Tankiso: No, guys please don’t do that.

Bozza: Hei Fock Maan. We are doing this, or uyafokofa.

Tankiso: Okay can I just show you the house?

Bozza: No we are coming with you. Abashwe.

(They wear the masks and head to the home that they plan on robbing.)

(At the Motaung home, the family is seated the dining room table. The parents are singing a happy birthday song for their son Thabang who is turning 16.)

(After the song, Thabang blows the candles out on the cake.)

Father: Thabang — My son, every day I thank God for giving me an incredible child. I also thank you for being such a great son; you are my pride and joy, and a man after my own heart. Happy birthday son!

Thabang: Thanks Ntate, it feels good to hear such words from you.

Mother: My love I also have to get a message, for this is my special day too.

Father: Don’t be jealous, you always get messages from me every day.

Mother: Except today.

Father: Your moment was coming.

Thabang: (Laughing) Yes Mama your moment is coming.

Mother: It better come now because this is also a special day for me. I almost died on this day when bringing you into the world.

Thabang: (Smiles) And that’s why this day is so special to me mama.

Father: My life would have never been complete without the two of you. You are a treasure from above that brings so much joy and love into my life. My wife, close your eyes.

(Mrs Motaung closes her eyes as Mr Motaung puts on a necklace.)

Father: Open your eyes.

Mother: Oh this is beautiful, I love it. (She goes on to hug and kiss Mr Motaung.)

Father: It feels good to hear that you love it. And here is your present my boy. (Hands Thabang a laptop.)

Thabang: Thanks Ntate, I always wanted a laptop.

Father: You are welcome my son.


Tell us: Have you ever gotten a gift that you really wanted from your parents?