[At Flora’s place]

Winnie: Why did you mention our names? We told you a long time ago to stay away from Peter, but you chose to go on. Now we have lost another friend, not just a friend, but a good friend.

Flora: You can say that again.

Dudu: Stop whining. We all know Diana is bad news. Now all of a sudden she is acting like an angel. Peter would be a fool to take her back.

Winnie: Somehow we have helped her, she got a wakeup call. From now on she will know her place.

[They all giggle]

Flora: Hey, let’s stop crying over spilt milk. Diana is no longer our friend and that’s it. Let’s toast to that. [laughs]

Dudu: Bring the cards and let’s play. I might get money for cigarettes.

Winnie: Need a beer anyone? [goes to the fridge]


[Two weeks later at Flora’s place. As usual the friends are drinking, smoking and playing cards. There is a knock on the door]

Winnie: Here we go again, Flora that must be your psycho. Why don’t you tell him to leave you alone?

Flora: That obsessed drunkard puts food on my table. I’m not working, remember?

Dudu: [laughs] By “Put food on the table” you mean beers? What a great combination. Where did you meet that fool?

Flora: Tavern, where else? [smiles]

[The knock persists]

Dudu: Winnie open that door, you are closer to it, stand up. Mr Psychopath will buy us drinks.

Winnie: [complains and goes to the door to open] What a nice surprise! Come in.

Diana: Hello ladies.

Flora: [shocked] I knew you would come back to us, you were missing out, and sure you did.

Diana: We need to talk.

Winnie: You can’t come in here and tell us you want to talk, we are in the middle of an important game.

Diana: How long have you been playing this game? How many years? Close to five years now. Do you even realise there is life out there? Women are doing wonders, they are leaving a mark, while you are seated, drinking every day.

Dudu: [annoyed] Whoah, whoah! Stop right there. You think you are better than us? Just because you are now happy in your marriage? Don’t come here and tell us rubbish. What do you know about wonders? Are you doing wonders?

Diana: I’m not here to fight with you. I’m here so that we can talk woman to woman. Sibonisanen’ indlela e right, so that we can all see the bright path. We are not getting any younger, we are all in our late thirties but we haven’t achieved anything.

Flora: Don’t use the ‘WE’ word. You have achieved a lot. You have a husband that truly loves you, what about us? We have nobody; no children.

Diana: I’m here to tell you that you can’t, and you will never get a decent man drinking alcohol. You will never get a decent man in a tavern. You guys should search in new places, meaning new lifestyles. You should cut all the bad habits: the gambling.

[The room becomes silent and they all look down]

Dudu: Who are you to judge us? Let God be the judge.

Diana: I’m not judging anyone. I’m saying this life must come to an end today, now.

Flora: [angry] Don’t come here and tell us what to do. Okay? Now go… leave us the hell alone. We chose to live this life and we will live it.

Diana: It’s not too late to change.

Flora: Shut up and leave! Out! Go! I won’t be undermined in my own house, never!

Winnie: [shouts] NO! She is not going anywhere.

Flora: [stands and pushes Winnie] You can join her if you like.

Winnie: We need to change, to act like normal women. We are getting old for God’s sake. We don’t have families, what kind of life is that at our age?

[They all look down. Flora sits down and sighs]

Flora: I guess she is right. Dudu what do you say? Let’s start all over again.

Dudu: [shakes her head] We wasted so much of our time [she pauses]. Look Diana, I’m so sorry about… you know. I was jealous of you, I have always dreamed of having a husband like your man. I will find one if I become a better woman. Ladies, tomorrow we go hunt for jobs, though it will not be easy. This gambling thing is history.

Winnie: So that we can do something with our lives [smiles]

[The group hugs]

Flora: Thank you Diana for opening our eyes.

[Later at Diana’s house]

Diana: I’m home my love.

Peter: [smiles and crosses his fingers] Please tell me you talked to them. Did they even listen to you? Tell me they did promise to change.

Diana: [smiles] All is sorted. They are determined to change love, all thanks to you. You know, I didn’t want anything to do with them, I hated them for ruining my life. [sighs] It’s all in the past now. I forgave them, especially Dudu.

Peter: Enough about this talk, come here. [hugs Diana]

Diana: Where is Angel? I missed her.

Peter: She is sleeping.

Diana: OK, let me start cooking then. [goes to the kitchen]

Peter: Maka Angel I have good news, I’ve got the job.

Diana: [screams] What! Wow that is the greatest news ever. I’m happy for you.

Peter: [smiles] Me and you will stick together through the pain, headache and good times.

The End


Tell us: Where do you think is the best place to meet people? Are people at the pubs and taverns not ‘decent’ enough for marriage?