[The play opens with a couple in the bedroom, the wife is putting on her shoes and the husband is making the bed. Silence fills the room.]

Peter: Are you avoiding me? Talk to me woman. Every time I tell you to do the right thing, which is your job, you give me the silent treatment.

Diana: Oh please, you don’t have to tell me what to do. What happened to 50/50? You want me to be stuck in the kitchen or feeding the baby, ha? (she brushes her hair)

Peter: I’m the head of this family. I’m the man and I should get respect from my wife.

Diana: You want respect? Then get us out of this shabby township. I want a decent house. I didn’t sign up for this.

Peter: Sign up? What do you mean? You’re trying to tell me it’s all my fault we are staying in this township? You know very well I didn’t wish to be fired.

Diana: You should have thought of that before stealing from the company, you brought that on yourself. I didn’t marry a thief, then all of a sudden, you change just like that, in a blink of an eye. You were a good man.

Peter: Why do you always have to bring up the past whenever we are arguing?

[The baby cries.]

Diana: I’m out of here. The baby is crying. Why are you standing there doing nothing? Do you think this baby will stop crying? No. She needs your attention, probably she is hungry. I’m off.

[Diana grabs her bag and leaves, banging a door.]

Peter: Hey where do you think you are going? Come back here.

[Peter holds the baby trying to soothe her. But the baby gets louder and louder]


[In a room filled with smoke, a group of friends are playing cards. Some are seated while others are standing, drinking heavily. A large sums of money is on the table.]

Diana: Shuffle, don’t waste our time (she lights a cigarette). I’m taking the money home.

Flora: Hey don’t rush me (she sips beer and shuffles). She will regret dumping us. Who does she think she is?

Winnie: Hha that one will never last in her stupid marriage.

Dudu: (Imitates a voice) “I’m sorry guys but I no longer want to live this life anymore. This gambling life has to stop.”

[They all laugh]

Flora: She think she is better now that she has a man.

Diana: Come on guys, I also have a man but have you ever heard me brag? No. Maybe she got all too excited. They call it new love.

Flora: To hell with that (distributing the cards). So who is winning this round?

Dudu: [closes her eyes and laughs] Who is the boss? If I were you I would stop playing because you are always losing. I’m the master here ladies.

Winnie: Can you please throw that card and let me win to prove Dudu wrong. Flora, what’s wrong? Day dreaming again?

Flora: I can’t stop thinking about what that old scary man said. He said I could win any gambling game, oh and marriage too if I want one. [she laughs]

Diana: Who is that man? [she picks the card on the table and exhales the smoke]

Flora: Some traditional healer or inyanga. That man is scary I will never set my foot there sis man. [she spits]

Dudu: Yes…yes. I told you ladies that I will win… as usual. [she starts to dance]

Diana: Maybe Dudu does visit the scary man, why is she always winning? [she winks]

Dudu: Who the hell do you think you are? Do I look like a witch? You are the one who gets muti to control that foolish husband of yours. You think we don’t know that you treat him like trash?

Diana: I was only making a joke. Since when do you take things seriously? We always joke around and now you’re taking it too far. What got into you?

Dudu: [she shouts] I don’t like it when someone accuses me of something I don’t know. Where is your baby, she’s with your husband right? Oh I thought so. You are busy gambling, you can’t even take care of an innocent child. Shame on you my sister.

Flora: Guys stop it. Come on.

[Diana throws beer at Dudu’s face]

Diana: [shouting at Dudu] You know nothing about being a mother. Shut up!

Dudu: [she slaps Diana on the face] What do you think you are doing? You want a fight? Bring it on loser.

[Dudu folds her long sleeved blouse and puts her hands on the waist, ready to fight. But then Winnie stands between them to stop the fight.]

Winnie: Are you two crazy? Stop this madness.

Dudu: Stay away from this or else…

[Diana throws a punch and hits Dudu on the face, and the fight is on.]


Tell us what you think: Why do you think Dudu freaked out at the joke Diana made? What do you think of Peter and Diana’s marriage?