[It is morning and everyone is busy preparing to go to work. Abongile is making breakfast.]

Abongile: Thabo, will you put the kettle on for me, please?

Thabo: But Mom…

Abongile: Not now Thabo. Just put the kettle on and stop whining.

Anathi: Mom, Uncle Sizwe mentioned something about my cousin coming here. (smiling)

Abongile: Your cousin? Who, Andisiwe? (sad face, rolls her eyes)

Anathi: Yes mom, what’s with the long face?

Sizwe: Your mother doesn’t want my daughter.

[They all sit at the table to eat.]

Abongile: I do want your daughter. I just don’t want to hear her bragging about Cape Town and how handsome her husband is. She’ll literally force me to go to Cape Town.

Anathi: Ohhh please! Stop it Mom.

[They pray and eat. After that they all go.]

[In the afternoon, Anathi and Thabo both arrive in the house at the same time.]

Anathi: Hello big brother. How was your day? (puts down her handbag and books on the table)

Thabo: (Pushes the books to the floor) This is not fair (angry, goes up and down the house). I am the eldest but I am struggling to find a job while you have a fancy one.

Anathi: (Shocked and frightened) Brother, I told you to be patient about the job thing. Everything will be ok just hang in there. Besides, my job is not fancy at all. I’m only there because I have no other option. (consoles her brother)

Thabo: At least you have something to hold on to. (picks up books one by one). I’m sorry I took my anger out on you.

[Abongile enters, sees the books on the floor.]

Abongile: And then, what happened here?

Anathi: Uhmm, the books fell because my hand had to crawl into my inner jacket pocket for my cell phone. (helps Thabo pick up the books)

Abongile: Okay!! I’m glad it wasn’t Thabo. He can be very mean sometimes. (makes her way to her bedroom)

Thabo: Mom! Why do you always have to think the worst of me?

[Sizwe enters, with a bottle of brandy in his hand.]

Anathi: Uncle, will you ever survive without alcohol?

[Anathi and Thabo go to their rooms. Abongile goes in the kitchen to prepare supper.]

Sizwe: Tomorrow morning, I’m going to fetch my daughter at the airport.

Abongile: Don’t you think it’s time for them to know the truth? I mean, who knows when Andisiwe will come visit again. You know she doesn’t like this place.

Sizwe: What are you talking about? What truth? Can you please pass me the small glass?

Abongile: About our son, what happened in the past. Everything.

Sizwe: (the bottle of brandy slips and falls on the floor) No we can’t. My daughter is coming here and you know she hasn’t visited in four years. You want me to chase her away? No, now is not the time.

Abongile: Well, I thought this was going to be the right time to tell them the truth. (chops the vegetables)

[Anathi and Thabo both clear their throats.]

Abongile: (shocked) What is wrong with you two? You gave me a fright!

Sizwe: How long have you two been standing there?

Anathi: What is it that we have to know, Mom?

Thabo: We heard a noise and thought we should come check if everything’s okay.

Anathi: You mentioned something about telling us the truth. So go on, we are here now (sitting down with her brother)

Abongile: (stuttering) Uhmm, ehh, th th the truth honey. Well, it’s… (scratching her head)

Sizwe: (standing in front of Abongile) I told your Mom not to spoil the surprise.

Abongile: (standing beside her brother) Uhmm yes, the surprise. Your uncle is not going to work tomorrow. He’s going to fetch Andisiwe at the airport. (smiling nervously)

Anathi: (stands up and hugs her uncle) I can’t wait to see her. It’s been a long time. (going in her bedroom giggling) I know she’ll give me some of her clothes.

Thabo: (going back into his bedroom too) Sometimes I wish I was a girl too.

(Sizwe gives his sister a very bad look)

Abongile: Don’t you dare give me that look! I did nothing wrong.

Sizwe: Of course it wasn’t you, but your big mouth. I’m going out, don’t wait up for me. (opens the door)

Abongile: My mouth is not big. It’s the perfect size…where are you going?

Sizwe: Anywhere far from the big mouth of yours. (closing the door)

Abongile: Yeah whatever

[The supper gets ready, they all eat and go to sleep. Sizwe arrives at 12 o’clock drunk and goes to sleep.]