It is evening, a few days later. Anathi is writing at a table when Phello, the healer enters.

Phello: (sings in his language and talks in riddles) listen and listen attentively. Your mother…your uncle…they should confess. Such bad things happened here. Horrible and heartless things. (walks away slowly to the door). Ask them about the dreams.

Anathi: (confused) What bad things (following him) what do you mean by horrible and heartless? Please be specific, please!

Phello: Your parents should tell you, ask them (turns around and leaves). Ask them about the dreams.

Anathi: (talking to herself) How will I get my mother and my uncle to confess? (sits down and fills her head with thoughts.)

(Abongile and Sizwe enter, they are both coming from work)

Abongile: Hey sweetheart. (sitting next to her) Is everything okay? You look terrible.

Sizwe: Tell me who made you cry and I’ll deal with them.

Abongile: Mom, the healer was here just a few minutes ago. He said I should get the two of you to confess. He said you know about the dreams we’ve been having. Something bad happened here, what is it mom?

Sizwe: Here we go again. This attitude of yours is starting to irritate me now. Why can’t you let this go?

Anathi: How do I let it go if it keeps haunting me?

Sizwe: Ignore it or something, forget about it.

Anathi: How? Tell me.

Sizwe: I don’t know. What I know is that I’ve had enough of you and this issue.

Anathi: Fine! If you won’t tell me the truth, I’m going to find out myself. I’m tired of watching my brother suffer because of this. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to free him from the pain and sorrow. I’m moving out (slams the door)!

Abongile: Oh God!

Sizwe: Your daughter is pushy and stubborn. I should give her some hiding, punish her (angry).

Abongile: The only thing we have to do is to tell the truth before this gets out of hand. It is now tearing the family apart. Is that what you want?

Sizwe: No! I need some fresh air.

(he leaves and the conversation ends)

A few hours later Sizwe entered just after Anathi.

Sizwe: Hey, I’m glad you’re back.

Anathi: I’m not back, I’m here to take my clothes.

(Abongile shows up)

Abongile: Please don’t do this to me Anathi (nearly in tears). Please don’t break my heart.

Anathi: I’ve already made up my mind mom. I’m leaving (goes into her room).

Abongile: Sizwe, please do something. Don’t let her go.

Sizwe: Okay! Call them so that we’ll tell them the truth.

Abongile: Now?

Sizwe: Yes, now. You’ve always forced me to tell them. Now that I want us to tell them, you’re doubting.

Abongile: No I’m not. I’m just happy to hear you say that. I’ve been waiting for this day.

(Anathi shows up with her bags)

Sizwe: Please don’t go.

Anathi: I won’t change my mind so don’t bother yourself.

Sizwe: There’s something that you first need to hear.