In the morning, sitting at a table is Anathi with a glass of water in her hands. She looks scared and frightened. Andisiwe shows up to get some water.

Andisiwe: Oh hello there (smiling). You’re up early today.

Anathi: Hi.

Andisiwe: (going next to her) Girl, are you okay? You look like death. Bad dream?

Anathi: Yes…and strange too. The same dream that you and my brother had. You know what, I’ll go and tell the pastor, and maybe he will know why we are having such dreams. Let me go and change. (goes straight into her bedroom)

Andisiwe: Oh okay. I think it’s a bit early to go and wake the pastor (going to the sink).

(Anathi shows up again)

Anathi: Tell mom I went to see Asive, she’s sick (slams the door).

Abongile: Is Asive okay?

Andisiwe: (frightened) Auntie, you are going to kill me. Asive is sick, but I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Abongile: Oh I see. Will you please chop those onions for me?

Andisiwe: But auntie…2 onions…you know I hate onions (whining).

(the conversation ends)

It is evening. The family is sitting at the table (Sizwe, Abongile, Andisiwe, and Thabo). There is a knock at the door.

Andisiwe: Come in.

(the pastor enters, holding Anathi’s hand)

Pastor: Good evening everyone.

Abongile: (jumpy, offers them chairs) Is everything okay pastor?

Pastor: I won’t take much of your time. Anathi told me about a strange dream she had yesterday.

Abongile: Oh! What was it?

Pastor: She saw someone coming next to her bedside calling her name repeatedly. She did listen even though she was afraid. She heard something about secrets and sacrifices, the same dream that Thabo and Andisiwe had.

Sizwe: Secrets and sacrifices? I’m not sure if I’ve heard about those dreams.

Pastor: Yes. That Thabo would suffer a terrible bad luck which will drive him to his grave.

Abongile: I don’t believe it, that’s nonsense. The doctor told us that he is going to be fine. How come you believe such crap!

Pastor: I do believe it, I believe in dreams. Dreams are a way of sending messages. They may have something to do with your past (dreams).

Sizwe: Oh, come on now!! This has gone way too far. I’m tired of people interfering in our personal issues. Your job is to preach the word of God in church and not here (pushing him to the door). Goodbye.

Pastor: I can help you get through this. Do not hesitate to come to me again Anathi (shouting from outside).

Abongile: Now you young lady, (pointing at Anathi, angry) why did you go there?

Anathi: Mom, I know that the pastor did not cancel that prayer session. Uncle Sizwe kicked him out.

Andisiwe: What??? Dad, is this true??

Sizwe: That will teach you to stop inviting people without confirming with us first.

Abongile: I’m sorry, but you should have told us he was coming.

Anathi: The least you could do was to tell us the truth. What if the pastor doesn’t want to help me anymore? Because you chased him again Uncle!

Abongile: Why did you go to him? Why didn’t you talk to me or your uncle?

Anathi: Pastor listens to me. He never jokes but takes me serious. Thabo had a bad dream, you ignored it. Andisiwe had a bad dream too, which you didn’t want to hear about. So were you going to listen to mine, mom? A dream you’d be hearing for the third time?

Sizwe: Why do you believe so much in dreams? Don’t you have something to do? Like making your learners’ assignments, and stop worrying yourself about dreams, stupid dreams.

Anathi: Dreams have a message, they are not stupid.

Sizwe: Don’t you dare shout when you’re talking to me. I am still your elder, did I make myself clear?

Anathi: (sad) Yes.

Sizwe: Yes who?

Anathi: Yes Uncle.

Thabo: Mom, don’t you think we should do something about these dreams? Perform a ceremony or slaughter a cow maybe?

Abongile: You might be right. I’ll sleep on it son.

Anathi: I’m going to my room.

Sizwe: Andisiwe, take Thabo to his room.

(they all go to sleep and the conversation ends)