(Honey’s home. Mthembeni and Honey walk in. Honey is drunk and Mthembeni is helping her to the bedroom.)

Mthembeni: Watch your step.

Honey: (whispering) Shhhh gogo will hear you.

Mthembeni: What? Your grandmother is in the house? Are you crazy?

Honey: (laughing) Got ya!

Mthembeni: Honey!

Honey: Relax, she’s away for the weekend.

Mthembeni: Good. Let me get you to bed.

Honey: But it’s too early!

Mthembeni: You’re too drunk to stay up late.

Honey: Oh, you’re such a fun killer.

(Mthembeni helps her to the bed.)

Mthembeni: Okay…take off your shoes.

Honey: What? Why?

Mthembeni: (taking off her shoes) Didn’t your grandmother tell you that sleeping with shoes on is bad luck?

Honey: (laughing) That is ridiculous.

(Awkward silence.)

Mthembeni: I guess I’ll see you around then.

Honey: Where are you going?

Mthembeni: What do you mean? I’m leaving.

Honey: But you said your wife kicked you out.

Mthembeni: Yes but I cannot stay here.

Honey: Why not? Where will you go?

Mthembeni: I’ll make a plan.

Honey: Come on! You can crash here for a few days. At least until gogo comes back.

Mthembeni: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Honey: You have nowhere else to go. And why are you standing all the way over there? Come join me!

Mthembeni: No, I’m alright.

Honey: Ahh Mthembeni…must I beg for everything? Come on.

(She pulls him to the bed. Mthembeni is uneasy.)

Honey: (laughing) Would you relax!

(He drops his guards down.)

Honey: I had a great time today.

Mthembeni: Yeah me too.

Honey: (turning and facing him) Mthembeni listen…I’m sorry for what I did to you and for dumping you like that. You are the best thing that have ever happened to me.

Mthembeni: Then why did you do it?

Honey: I guess I was scared of ending up marrying a poor guy and being poor for the rest of my life like my grandmother. So I thought that marrying a rich person would be the solution. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to live happily ever after. I thought that money was the only thing that would make me happy. What I didn’t realise was that I was already happy. I had the thing that made me happy right in front of me. I was already living my happily ever after.

Mthembeni: Did you really love me?

Honey: Yes. I still do.

(Mthembeni turns his head and looks at her. They gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. Bit by bit, their faces come closer to each other and kiss.)


Tell us: Mthembeni and Honey have kissed, what do you think of this?