(Once again, Mthembeni is in the bar, sitting and drinking alone. Honey is walking in.)

Honey: Oh, my God, Mthembeni? Is that you?

Mthembeni: Honey?

(She walks to Mthembeni’s table.)

Mthembeni: Wow!

Honey: How are you?

Mthembeni: (hesitant) I’ve been better.

Honey: (chewing gum)Ohh, my word! I can’t believe it’s really you! Long time!

Mthembeni: Yeah, long time!

Honey: How long has it been? Seven years?

Mthembeni: Eight. But who’s counting? (forcing a smile)

Honey: Yeah that’s right because Lubanzi is eight.

Mthembeni: Who?

Honey: No one. Never mind.

(There is an awkward silence. Mthembeni takes a sip of his drink.)

Honey: I thought you said you’d never drink.

Mthembeni: Well…I was in high school back then. I didn’t know how hard life was going to be.

Honey: Trouble in paradise?

Mthembeni: (sigh) Something like that.

Honey: I heard you got married!

Mthembeni: Yes I did.

Honey: How long has it been?

Mthembeni: Four years.

Honey: Wow! I guess you got lucky first huh?

Mthembeni: I guess.

Honey: So what’s the problem?

Mthembeni: There is no problem.

Honey: Come on, Mthembeni. I can see you’re hurting. You can talk to me.

Mthembeni: (embarrassed) It’s that obvious huh?

Honey: Yep.

Mthembeni: (sigh) Well, we’re just going through a rough time. We uhm…we’ve been trying to have a baby for a long time but we keep on failing. We’ve had three miscarriages.

Honey: Oh dear, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry. How is she coping?

Mthembeni: Not good. We’ve been fighting a lot.

Honey: You poor thing. I’m sorry for asking you this. I know it’s none of my business but…do you love her? I mean like…do you really, really love her?

Mthembeni: Of course I do. That’s why I married her.

Honey: Does she love you? You know…like I did?

(Mthembeni pauses and stares at her.)

Mthembeni: So…where’s your blesser?

Honey: (looking down) We broke up. Turned out he had six wives. Oh wait…Mthembeni please don’t tell me you’re still dwelling on that! I thought you got over it. That means you still have feelings for me?

(Mthembeni keeps quite.)

Honey: Is it true?

Mthembeni: Even if it was true Honey… it’s too late. And I don’t think I can forgive you for what you did to me. Honey, I loved you. But you just dumped me like a dog for a guy who was ten years older than you!

Honey: I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you. Let me take you out and go see a movie. Maybe grab something to eat. What do you say?

Mthembeni: I don’t think that will be a good idea.

Honey: Come on. It’s gonna help you get your mind off things. I promise. Look, if you’re worried that I might try and seduce you I give you my word I won’t. I just want to cheer you up.

Mthembeni: I’m really not in the mood.

Honey: Please Mthembeni, please. It’s gonna be fun. I feel like I owe you one.

Mthembeni: Well…I guess you do owe me.

Honey: Yeeey! We gonna have some fun!


(Anna is sitting on the couch looking at a photo album. She has been doing some serious crying. There is a knock on the door. Cynthia walks in.)

Anna: (jumping to her) Cynthia!

(Anna is hugging her, holding her tight.)

Cynthia: Anna!

Anna: (sobbing) I kicked him out sis! I chased him away!

Cynthia: It’s okay, Anna. He will come back. He knows not to leave you.

Anna: He is gone! I chased him away.

Cynthia: He will come back. He will come back, Anna. Stop crying. He’ll be home tonight.

Anna: Cynthia you don’t understand. The funeral is tomorrow. What if he doesn’t make it? What if he doesn’t come?

Cynthia: He will make it. He won’t miss his son’s funeral. He will come. Just don’t cry.

Anna: I’m scared, sis!

Cynthia: Don’t be, honey. Everything will be fine. Your sister is here now. We gonna get through this together. I promise.


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