Det. Kula: Good afternoon family, I’m detective Kula. Can I speak to Mrs Portia Marcus?

Portia: (Shocked) Me?

Det. Kula: Are you Mrs Marcus?

Portia: Yes. You may be seated sir.

Det. Kula: I’ve been investigating the case of Mr Lwando Marcus. I’ve managed to put Mr James Dube under questioning three times but he never changed his statement.

Portia: I don’t get you detective.

Det. Kula: All I’m saying is that, in his statement he never forgets to mention your name. And above that, a tip off from nowhere supports what Mr Dube had already said.

Portia: What exactly are you saying?

Det. Kula: I took the ornament that was used to hit Lwando to the fingerprinting tests, and guess what?

Portia: What?

Det. Kula: The results came back stating that the fingerprints matches with Portia Marcus.

Portia: (Shocked) No, no, the only person that touched the ornament was James, not me.

Det. Kula: If that’s the case, then why didn’t we find James’ fingerprints on the ornament, instead we found yours?

Portia: I don’t know. I really don’t know.

(Nina interrupts the conversation.)

Nina: Sorry to interrupt your investigation detective but this lady, (she points at Zinzi) wants to say something.

Det. Kula: Is this related to the case?

Zinzi: Yes.

Portia: (Looks disappointed) Zinzi please look at me, listen my child. I love you with all my heart.

Zinzi: (Crying) Ma, I can’t do this. Listen, I’m really afraid of you. If it’s that easy for you to kill your own son, your blood, then I don’t think it will be difficult for you to kill me too. Yes, it was a mistake but you need to pay for that mistake.

Portia: (Shocked and starts to cry) Zinzi…

Zinzi: I wanted to say that it is true, my mother is the one who killed Lwando.

Portia: You don’t have proof.

Zinzi: I do, I recorded your conversation with Nina…

Portia: (Shocked) What?

Zinzi: (She opens her phone to play the recording, starting from where Portia confesses to Nina about killing Lwando.) Detective, please listen to this.

(Few minutes later, the Detective realises that it’s Portia on the recording, confessing about murdering Lwando by mistake.)

Det. Kula: (Clears throat) Mrs Marcus I have no choice but to arrest you. (He gets up from the couch to handcuff Portia.)

Portia: Zinzi, keep the money safe, maybe I’ll need it for my bail.

(The detective takes Portia to the station)

Zinzi: I don’t believe I did this to my mother.

Nina: She is a monster and you did the right thing. So, tell me, how much money did you got from selling the business?

Zinzi: Fifteen million.

Nina: (She widely opens her eyes) So much money. So, how much is Dineo getting?

Zinzi: Fifteen million divide by three, that’s how much Dineo will get.

Nina: (She smiles) Wow, five million in my bank account.

The End.


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