(At the Marcus home, Portia is scrubbing Lwando’s blood from the floor while Zinzi is busy packing his clothes.)

Zinzi: (Crying while she holds Lwando’s t-shirt) I’m so sorry, please forgive me.

Portia: Zinzi, please stop now, this is not the right time to cry or do you want the police to be suspicious when they get here?

Zinzi: It’s so hard to forget about this, I just can’t.

(A heavy knock from the door, Portia is frightened.)

Portia: (Frightened) It’s the police. Zinzi, I beg you be strong, please. Don’t make them see that we’re hiding something, okay?

Zinzi: Okay.

(Zinzi rushes to the door to open.)

Nina: (Shocked) Zinzi, where have you been? I’ve been calling you for the whole day. Why are you here? Portia!

Portia: Yes.

Nina: (Starring at Zinzi) You can’t be serious, what is Portia doing here?

Portia: (Laughs) Hey darling, this is my house. What are you doing in my house?

Nina: (She begins to be angry) You’re a murderer, you killed your own son.

Portia: Please, leave my house if you don’t have something better to say.

Nina: I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to call the police now. (She quickly opens her purse to get her phone and she dials.) You’re going to jail Portia.

Portia: Stop what you’re doing now.

Nina: (While she puts her phone on the ear, Portia quickly takes it and throws it on the floor.) What are you doing with my phone?

Portia: Nina listen very carefully, if you don’t leave my house I’ll make sure that what happened to Lwando will also happen to you.

Nina: (Shocked) So, you’re confessing to me that you really killed your own son?

Portia: (Sighs) It was a mistake.

Nina: Unbelievable. Portia listen to me, you’re not okay mentally and emotionally and you need help.

Portia: I really don’t need help.

Nina: Portia go and consult psychologists or even social workers before you suffer from depression.

Portia: (Laughs) Do you know what is depression? Don’t come here and act smart with me.

Nina: I’m very serious, at this time you should be mourning, you should be sad, you should be crying for the death of your son as a mother. I don’t understand why you’re happy, why are you laughing about this matter?

Portia: (Angry) Do you think it’s easy for me? Get out of my house!

Nina: No wait, there is something I want to speak about…

Portia: What is it?

Nina: Marcus Constructions.

Portia: (Clap hands) I see, all you care about is David’s money, you only came here for money?

Nina: Yes, I care about David’s money, the father of my child.

Portia: Unfortunately, I sold Marcus Constructions.

Nina: (Shocked) What? Without Dineo’s approval?

Portia: I don’t need her approval.

(While they are busy arguing about the business, Zinzi rushes to attend to the person knocking on the door, unexpectedly it’s the police.)


Tell us: Do you think Portia will be arrested?