(At Priska’s Restaurant Zinzi is sitting there waiting for Portia to arrive. Five minutes later Portia arrives wearing a long black coat, black trousers, she’s wrapped her head with a black scarf and she has sunglasses on.)

Portia: Hello my child, (she tries to touch Zinzi’s hand, but Zinzi refuses.) Okay, I understand.

Zinzi: What kind of a mother are you? You kill your own son and then you run away. I had to run to the Peterson’s house for my safety.

Portia: Zinzi, I will never forgive myself for what I did. I loved Lwando with all my heart.

Zinzi: When are you planning Lwando’s funeral?

Portia: (Sigh) You know I can’t do that.

Zinzi: Why not? You want your son to be cremated?

Portia: No, but you know if I come clean I’ll be arrested.

Zinzi: What about James?

Portia: Let James rot in jail, he has done many bad things in the past.

Zinzi: (Confused) What did he do?

Portia: Let’s not talk about that, I came here to tell you something very important.

Zinzi: What is it?

Portia: I think it’s very important that we should honour Lwando’s wish, let’s sell this company once and for all.

Zinzi: What about the Petersons?

Portia: I don’t care about them, anyway I’ve found a buyer.

Zinzi: You already have a buyer?

Portia: Yes, it’s Mr Omotoso Chukwu, a very successful businessman who is also focusing on construction.

Zinzi: For how much?

Portia: (She smiles and whispers) Fifteen million.

Zinzi: (She smiles) Okay, so that means we still have to share with Dineo?

Portia: What? I will never do that. I’ve worked so hard for this. We can go home now I’m tired.

Zinzi: Can I ask you something?

Portia: Anything, dear.

Zinzi: Lwando was a professional lawyer, so, when he dies there is money that we should maybe get from his policies, I don’t know.

Portia: Oh, that, yes, you’re right. Lwando had no wife, had no kids so his money is going to come to his family and that family is me and you.

Zinzi: Ma, can we buy a new house? I don’t want to go back there.

Portia: Okay, it’s fine, but after Lwando’s funeral.

(They leave for home to prepare for Lwando’s funeral.)


Tell us: What do you think of Portia and Nina’s greed?