(Four weeks after James was arrested, Portia is still not found. All this time Zinzi has been hiding in the Peterson’s home.)

Nina: (Going to the sitting room with three cups of coffee.) Portia is an evil woman, I don’t know why you’re protecting her Zinzi.

Zinzi: I’m afraid.

Dineo: Afraid of what? Go to the police station and confess.

Nina: Yes, Dineo is right. We still have a lot of work to do, we haven’t buried your brother yet.

Zinzi: (Crying) I really want to come forward, but I’m scared.

Nina: Zinzi, what do you think of the man who has been arrested for something he didn’t even do? Don’t protect Portia just because she’s your mother. Do what is right my girl.

(While they are busy sipping their coffee, Zinzi receives a text from an unknown number and she reads it silently.)

Nina: Who’s texting you now?

Zinzi: It’s one of my friends from college. (She reads the text to herself)

(Dear Zinzi, it’s me Portia. I know what I’ve done is wrong and I didn’t mean to kill my own son. Please can you forgive me for what I’ve done, I’m really sorry. I know I am a bad mother and that you hate me for this. Don’t tell anyone that I’ve contacted you. I want us to meet at Priska’s Restaurant, I have an important thing to tell you. Please do come my dear.)

(Zinzi cries after reading the text.)

Nina: What’s wrong now?

Zinzi: I have to go now. (She quickly runs to the door.)

Dineo: Where is she going?

Nina: I have no idea. Anyway let’s have an important chat.

Dineo: What?

Nina: (She smiles) Listen dear, this is our opportunity to take over the Marcus Empire. David is no more, Lwando is no more, Portia will be arrested anytime when she decides to come back from hiding, Zinzi is very weak now and she’s on our side.

Dineo: (Disappointed) Ma, are we going back to this bloody business!

Nina: If we don’t take over, then who’s going to do so? Don’t be stupid, David was your father and there’s nothing wrong when you run your father’s company.

Dineo: Ma, let’s not sabotage Zinzi.

Nina: Dineo, can you once in your life think about yourself? I’m doing all this for you, stick with me. Listen, when we get this business we employ more people, business is going well and we get more money and lastly we become rich.

Dineo: (Sighs) Don’t be greedy for the Marcus wealth, build your own empire from scratch just like David did. I will not change my decision, I don’t want anything to do with the Marcus business because I can make myself rich, meaning I don’t need David’s money to change my life to the better. I will work hard for myself and I know I will succeed. Shortcuts in life are not for people like me. I want to take the long route in life so that I can get to learn more things and have more experiences.

Nina: (Looking down) Yes, I get you but we need to support Zinzi.

Dineo: I think Lwando’s suggestion was the best, this company should be sold otherwise more people will die fighting for something that is not theirs. Ma, can you reason with Zinzi to sell this business before it’s too late?

Nina: I don’t know, Dineo.


Tell us: What do you think will happen next?