Zinzi: Ma, that’s a great idea.

Lwando: (Sighs) What about Dineo and me? Because I don’t see us benefiting from this.

Portia: Who cares about Dineo? She made it clear that she does not want anything to do with this.

Lwando: I’m sorry Ma, I’ve already called the buyer. We’re meeting tomorrow.

Zinzi: (Interfering) You’ve really lost it my brother.

Portia: (Laughs very loudly) You will never sell my husband’s company, no, over my dead body.

Lwando: I’ve made my decision. I just want my share of the money and to leave this house forever because it’s so pointless to come here and the only thing that we speak about is this business.

Zinzi: You’re so selfish!

Lwando: I’m leaving.

(As Lwando is about to leave the room, Portia picks up an ornament from the table and hits Lwando on the head and he falls down bleeding. James comes in to help)

Zinzi: (Shocked) Ma, what are you doing? (She kneels down crying.)

James: Oh no, can you give me some bandages to wrap up his head so that the bleeding doesn’t expand?

(As Zinzi brings in some bandages, Portia stands there, still shocked from what has happened. James hands are covered with Lwando’s blood.)

Zinzi: Let’s take him to hospital now.

James: Wait, I…

Zinzi: What’s wrong?

James: (Sighs heavily) He’s not breathing… (He touches Lwando’s pulse)

(As Zinzi is still in shock, Portia quickly goes out for about thirty minutes.)

Zinzi: What are you saying? I don’t get you.

James: (Clears throat) Zinzi I’m sorry, your brother is dead.

Zinzi: (She cries very loud) Oh no, no! Why? Ma, where is mother? I have to go now.

James: (He comforts Zinzi) No, don’t go anywhere, just wait here until Portia comes back.

Zinzi: No, let me go (She quickly runs out).

James: Zinzi! No, you can’t leave me here with a dead body. Zinzi! Oh my God.

(James stays there until there is a heavy knock on the door.)

James: Who’s that? Portia is that you, come in, we need to take Lwando to hospital.

Det. Solomon: (Looking around) Good afternoon sir.

James: (Shocked) Who are you?

Det. Solomon: Detective Solomon.

James: (Shocked) Detective?

Det. Solomon: We got a tip off that says there’s someone killed in this house.

James: No… It’s not me, I swear I didn’t do it…

Det. Kula: Sir, it’s clear from your appearance, your clothes are covered with blood and there is a dead body in front of you.

Det. Solomon: Sir, we have all the details from the person who called us.

Det. Kula: James Dube, you’re under arrest for murdering Lwando Marcus.

(The detective comes closer to handcuff him.)

James: Detective listen, I didn’t kill Lwando. It’s Portia, Lwando’s mother.

Det. Solomon: You can take him to the station for questioning. In the meantime I’ll continue with the investigation until the body is removed from here.

Det. Kula: Let’s go Mr Dube.

James: (Crying) It’s not me, I didn’t kill him.


Tell us: Why do you think Portia framed James?