(Two weeks later, there is a visitor for the Marcus family.)

Portia: (Opens the door for the visitor) Oh, James. Come in.

James: Hello Portia, how’re you doing?

Portia: (She smiles back) I’m fine, come and have a seat. How are you?

James: I’m fine and I must say it’s nice to be in Cape Town again and the weather is cool.

Portia: I was on my way out, let’s go to a nearby restaurant and have lunch.

James: That is a nice idea.

(They leave together in James’s car, on their way, they have a chat.)

Portia: You might be wondering why I called you here.

James: You said it’s important.

Portia: I just want to ask you something, can you do me a little favour?

James: Anything for you Portia.

Portia: Okay, I want you to help me, I want us to run Marcus Constructions together. And also, I want you to become my mentor, because I’m a bit slow when it comes to business.

James: (Shocked) What? You know that David hated me so much, he never wanted to see us working together and I cannot allow history to repeat itself.

Portia: (Sighs) I understand your reasons but remember David is no more, he won’t even know about our plans. James, this is a good offer, just imagine yourself becoming a CEO of the highest rated company.

James: I don’t think your children would love to see me again.

Portia: No, don’t worry. Next week Lwando is going back to Joburg and Zinzi is my sweet daughter, she agrees with everything Mom says.

James: (Still confused) OK, but how’s this going to work?

Portia: (Smiles) That’s the James I know.

James: Oh, that means I have to look for a new house here?

Portia: Don’t worry, I have a big house. You can come and live with me.

James: Are you sure?

Portia: Of course, let’s go and enjoy our lunch. (Portia’s phone rings while they get off to the restaurant) Who’s calling me now? (She picks up the phone.) Zinzi, what is it now?

Zinzi: (Breaths heavily) Mom, where are you?

Portia: What is wrong?

Zinzi: Come home now, Lwando is going crazy.

Portia: (Shocked) Crazy?

Zinzi: Mom, just come home please!

Portia: (Shocked) Let’s go home now!

James: What is happening?

Portia: Just drive, James! Fast, fast.

(After a few minutes they arrive at the house. Zinzi is frustrated over what had happened when Portia went out.)

Portia: (She barges through the door and they go in.) What’s going on here?

Zinzi: (Angry) You won’t believe what Lwando’s done.

Portia: What is going on?

Zinzi: This stupid son of yours…

Lwando: Stop it Zinzi, I can speak for myself. Ma, I’m about to sell this…

Portia: (Sighs) You’re about to sell what?

Lwando: My father’s company.

Portia: Listen, if you don’t want this business then let me run it.

Lwando: What do you know about business?

Portia:Lwando: Ma, with all due respect, I really don’t know why you’re involving yourself in this. This business belongs to me now and let me decide what to do with it.

Portia: You see this man here, (referring to James) is the best when it comes to business, he can take this company to its highest level.

Lwando: What are you saying Ma, have you gone crazy?

Portia: No. Guys, I’m your mother and I want the best for both of you. Don’t let money change who you are. Lwando, I know that you don’t understand business, but you’re really good at a law firm and Zinzi, you took the effort to go and study business management so that you can have the required skills to run a business, and this is the best opportunity. Why can’t we take James as the CEO so that Zinzi can learn from someone with experience and when the time is right she can take that position? So I’m going to monitor the progress of the business and check everything that is going accordingly. I just want us to live in peace.


Tell us: How do you think the kids will take this idea?