(Five years after David Marcus’s death, the whole family is gathered, including the Petersons, to plan ahead. Dineo Peterson is still a sixth-year medical student. Lwando is 26 years old and he could become the new CEO of the Marcus constructions. Zinzi has completed her diploma at Business College.)

Lwando: (Clears throat and smiles to the family) I’m very happy that you’re all here. As we all know, my dad left behind a very difficult will, so, I called this meeting to plan ahead on how we are going to work. Firstly, I’d love to congratulate Zinzi for obtaining her diploma in Business studies, well done sis…

Portia: Wait, (She gets up from the stool and interrupts Lwando) well done girl, I’m so proud of you that you finally graduated. (She smiles) Listen all, we all know that Lwando and Dineo are not into business because they chose different career paths which have nothing to do with business.

Nina: What are you exactly suggesting?

Portia: I’m only saying, the only person that is fit to take the highest position is Zinzi, because…

Nina: Wait, David said on his will that all his children should work together in terms of running the company, meaning: they’re all bosses of the company.

Portia: (Not convinced) Are you crazy, have you ever seen a company having three bosses?

Nina: (Angry) You think I’m stupid, I know you’re trying to cut me out from David’s wealth.

Portia: I have every right to cut you out. The only person that is included here is Dineo, not you.

Portia: I’m only here to support Dineo and make sure that she benefits from her father’s money.

Portia: (Trying to fix the conflict between the two women) Okay, okay, let us fight over this. I think as the eldest son of this family I’ll be able to come up with a solution.

Zinzi: What are you suggesting?

Lwando: (Sighs heavily) To be honest, I’m not business- minded and I was never trained to become a businessman. I’m a lawyer and I’m very happy in this field. I was suggesting that we sell this company.

Zinzi (Shocked) What? You’re totally out of your mind, Lwando. You begged me to go into business school so that I can be able to run my father’s company. If you feel that you’re not into business, then let those who are business-minded take the position. My father would be so disappointed if we sell his company.

Lwando: (Sighs) Can Dineo say something at least, maybe she could bring a better solution forward.

Dineo: (Speaks in a low tone) I don’t feel like a member of this family and I don’t wish to become one.

Zizi: (Interrupts) Unfortunately, you are a member of this family, now behave like one.

Dineo: Unfortunately, I didn’t spend much time with David and I only knew him as my mother’s employer. If I could only get my share of twenty percent, as stated in the will, I’ll be very happy. On the business, side I really don’t want to be involved.

Nina: (Shocked) Are you crazy Dineo, how can you resist such a good opportunity?

Dineo: Ma, business is not my thing and you know that.

Nina: (Angry) Can we go outside and have a small talk? (She grabs Dineo’s arm and they leave the room).

(Nina and Dineo are speaking outside the house).

Dineo: Ma, why are you doing this?

Nina: Hey! Listen here young girl, don’t act like a spoilt brat. I’ve worked so hard for your future as a single parent!

Dineo: (Angry) Don’t force me into this, I don’t want anything do to with you. You denied me the right to know my father twenty years ago!

Nina: Dineo, I did all of this for you. I wanted to tell you about your father, but David…

Dineo: I don’t want to hear anything about David. I’m done with the Marcus family, but if you want to carry on with them, do so and don’t involve me. (She rushes out of the yard with anger).

(Nina returns in the house after Dineo left).

Lwando: Where is Dineo?

Nina: She left.

Portia: I’m so sick and tired of this Dineo, we really need a way forward.


Zinzi: (Pissed off) Lwando, please keep quiet because you’re so useless now.

Lwando: (Angry) Mom, can we sell this company because…

Portia: What? I will never sell this company. If you don’t know what to do with it, then let me run it.

(Everyone is shocked)

Lwando: What?

Portia: David taught me about this business before you were even born, I know every corner of it. I will run it by myself. The meeting is over. (She gets up and laves the room).


Tell us: Do you think the family should sell the company or let Zinzi and her mother run it?