[Thabo and Mpho go shopping together. Mpho gets a strange Please Call Me. It was personalized by the name of his friend.]

Mpho: I got a call back here. Let me try to call this person back.

Thabo: I also got the same call back a few minutes ago.

Mpho: Let me call. (Mpho calls thinking it will be his best friend) Hey.

Zinzi: Hey.

Mpho: (he recognises the voice) Err! Why did you use someone’s phone?

Zinzi: I knew if I used mine you wouldn’t call.

Mpho: Okay, what do you have for me that made you trick me?

Zinzi: I was just checking on you.

Mpho: OK.

Zinzi: So these days you don’t want to talk to me that much?

Mpho: No, I just don’t have anything to tell you.

Zinzi: Why?

Mpho: I’ve got questions that hurt me deeply that only you’ve got answers to. But you don’t want to tell me.

Zinzi: Okay. Bye (cutting the call)

Mpho: Yoh! I’m surprised. This is not like the girl that I love.

Thabo: Things change.


[On Facebook Mpho receives a message from Zinzi telling him why he is not important anymore.]

Zinzi: I love you and we respect you.

Mpho: “We”? Who are you talking about?

Zinzi: I’m dating your friend now. I hope you will leave me alone.

Mpho: You are dating Thabo? Babes I love you! He knows that too. What did I do to deserve this?

Zinzi: I told you! You are Mmathapelo’s boyfriend. We never dated.

Mpho: Can I call you? Even if it is for the last time please?

Zinzi: No, I love Thabo, case closed.

Mpho: Please I just want to tell you something. I’m frustrated now, I can’t type.

Zinzi: Only one minute.

[Mpho calls Zinzi.]

Mpho: I did show you how I loved you. I was doing everything to see you happy. Even when you leave, me know that I will stand by my words. I will always love you.

Zinzi: (pretending to cry) Talk to Thabo about this. Don’t blame him, it is my fault.

Mpho: (Frustrated) Please don’t cut me out of your life.

Zinzi: You have to use you last airtime to call Mmathapelo.

Mpho: Plea… (Zinzi cuts the call)


[Mpho goes to his friend to confront him.]

Mpho: Are you dating Zinzi?

Thabo: (looking at Mpho without saying a word)

Mpho: Man, I asked you a question.

Thabo: Yes I am dating her.

Mpho: How did it happen? Did you just propose my girl?

Thabo: (taking books and going to the library without having a say about what he did to someone who trusted him)

[Mpho call his best trusted friend the same night. Lindi comes over to make him feel better.]

Mpho: I know why my relationship ended.

Lindi: Why? Did you cheat?

Mpho: No, I told you how much I love her. I won’t cheat on her. She is dating Thabo.

Lindi: Tell me that you are joking.

Mpho: Look at texts that she sent to me! I trusted them. Mmathabo warned me about this and believed she would leave me. I respected them both.

Lindi: It is exam time, be strong. I will be there when you need me.

Mpho: Thanks, you are a good friend.


[Mpho talking to Mmathabo the next day.]

Mpho: They are dating.

Mmathabo: Who? For how long have they?

Mpho: Thabo and Zinzi.

Mmathabo: I told you about their long calls. You trust too much.

Mpho: I loved her, I couldn’t choose friends for her. I wanted free love. I did wrong to Mmathapelo too.

Mmathabo: You want her back?

Mpho: Yes I love her. I can’t loss her like that.

Mmathabo: I mean do you still want Mmathapelo?

Mpho: I thinks she’s the kind of a girl that everyone would like to date. But she chases no love.

Mmathabo: Leave both of them.

Mpho: I will try. As for Thabo I won’t mess it up for him but I hate him.


[Facebook conclude everything between Mpho and his best ex-lover. Mpho and Mmathapelo make up and start dating again.]

Zinzi: Hey, now me and Thabo we’re cool, let’s go for a double date.

Mmathapelo: Okay, that guy you got for me is a money spender.

Zinzi: Yeah, he is from a family of rich people.

Mmathapelo: (receives a text from Mpho) Mpho is disturbing me with texts.

Zinzi: Just avoid him.

Mmathapelo: Yeah I am doing it.

Zinzi: I want to buy ring for my man. (Surprisingly she receive a text from Mpho and they decide to block each other.) You gave your thing your Facebook password?

Mmathapelo: Let me change it.


[After 2months of non-communication, Mmathapelo decides to tell Mpho that she misses him. They both make up.]

Zinzi: (sending a text to Mpho) Can I see you?

Mpho: (sees the message and doesn’t reply)

Mmathapelo: (sending a text to Mpho) Hey babe let’s meet now.

Mpho: Okay come with Zinzi if you are with her.

Mmathapelo: Come to the corner.


[Zinzi twisted her statements; that Mpho has a crush on her and he wants to mess things up for her. All of this happened before Zinzi and Mmathapelo could meet Mpho. Mmathapelo is such a forgiving person, she forgives her friend and takes Mpho back. Mmathapelo left Mpho and Zinzi to talk and forgive each other.]

Zinzi: I’m sorry for what I did.

Mpho: It is all in the past.

Zinzi: But I hope you understand why I did this.

Mpho: I’m okay with everything now.

Zinzi: Okay got to go. I’m going back to school tomorrow.

Mpho: Okay, have a safe trip. (Hurting inside knowing that he wants her back)

Zinzi: (moved a few steps and looking back, Mpho is still there) Why don’t you go home?

Mpho: I am already home, I just want to play a song.


[A few months later Mpho and Mmathapelo had an agreement to meet and have fun. Unfortunately Mmathapelo made her plans with Mpho as a second option. Mpho is at home and he receives a call asking to meet. It is Mmathapelo.]

Mmathapelo: Don’t you even want to see me?

Mpho: You said you will be at a funeral.

Mmathapelo: I am back, let’s meet at our usual time.

Mpho: OK babes. (Mpho is sick, love made him strong by the time and it could last forever)

At their usual meeting time Mmathapelo doesn’t show up. Mpho tries to get to her but nothing is possible. Mpho goes home and uses his mother’s phone to call her and she answers fast.]

Mpho: Babes why did you make me wait while you knew you wouldn’t come?

Mmathapelo: Sorry, someone was using my phone. Let’s meet tomorrow. (She knows very well that she won’t be around anymore)

Mpho: Okay.


[The following day Mmathapelo’s little brother tells Mpho that Mmathapelo has visited Zinzi. It was a shock to Mpho. It took 2 weeks and she never called or wrote to tell him that she is not around. Mpho calls her and she says she is far. She makes it sound like she will be around soon. Zinzi with her weird reaction towards Mpho makes him give up on Mmathapelo’s relationship for good.]

Zinzi: (calling) What are you telling people about me?

Mpho: Which people?

Zinzi: Someone called me and told me to stop bothering them.

Mpho: Give me his or her number.

Zinzi: I will send it via WhatsApp.

Mpho: Okay. (He calls the call the number and they were all stranger to each other)

Zinzi: (via WhatsApp) If it fits you block me.

Mpho: Okay, I will. (He thought of it but love is not a simple thing.

[Zinzi blocks Mpho at the same time. He sends an SMS to Mmathapelo telling her that he can’t play the game anymore. Zinzi continues with Thabo and Mmathapelo with her others. Mpho was enjoying his multiple relationships. He was enjoying them until he saw the real meaning of life. He loved Lindi so much. Mmathabo was crossed on the cheating scale. She was accused of dating Mpho. Not just dating but also sleeping with him. Even Lindi suspected that Mpho was not whom she though he was. Mpho did have crush on Mmathapelo. But he loved Lindi and he didn’t want to lose her.]

The End>


Tell us: Have you ever been in multiple relationships? How many partners did you have at a time?