[Zinzi wants to dump Mpho. Mpho has no idea about Thabo and Zinzi kissing.]

Zinzi: Mpho, what did you say about me and Thabo?

Mpho: To who? What’s going on?

Zinzi: Nothing, case closed.

Mpho: Why sudden change of behavior?

Zinzi: We can’t see each other anymore. Mmathapelo loves you, better be with her. She is my friend I can’t do that to her.

Mpho: Why are you saying this? I never once cheated or made you cry. We were happy yesterday.

Zinzi: I love you. Understand why I can’t be with you. Mmathapelo will find out about us soon.

Mpho: She moved on before we could even date. We can’t let others be between us.

Zinzi: (crying) No don’t call me anymore. Mmathapelo loves you.


[Thabo and Mpho are sitting outside their rooms. Joined by a few schoolmates.]

Mpho: Eish Thabo, Zinzi dumped me.

Thabo: Why? Did you tell her about those girls who have a crush on you?

Mpho: Bro do you really think I can do that? I love this girl more than anyone could.

Thabo: Don’t worry, she will come back.

Mpho: I hope she does. I really love her.

Thabo: I will talk to her for you.

[At night Thabo and Zinzi talk via a call.]

Thabo: My love.

Zinzi: Hey love, I dumped him earlier today.

Thabo: Yeah, he was with me. He told me everything. He was like a lost puppy.

Zinzi: I love you babe. I would do anything for you.

Thabo: I want you to tell him that you want to be with him now.

Zinzi: Okay, I want to call Mmathapelo and makes sure that she and Mpho date again.

Thabo: No don’t do that, he’s got to many girls already.

Zinzi: You mean he was cheating on me?

Thabo: Yes, with Mmathabo and others at school.

[Thabang and Mmathapelo try to take big step in their relationships. Mmathapelo had already got another new boyfriend. She got her boyfriend from her friend Zinzi.]

Thabang: Babes, I want us to make promise to each other.

Mmathapelo: Really? I know you’ve got girlfriend.

Thabang: We are no longer dating. You are the one that I want to be with.

Mmathapelo: Okay, let’s try.

Thabang: Yes babes. Tell me that you love me.

Mmathapelo: I love you. (She gets a phone call from Zinzi) Let me take this call, it is Zinzi.

Zinzi: Hey choma.

Mmathapelo: Hey, I’m with my man here.

Zinzi: Oh say hi to him.

Mmathapelo: Thabi, Zinzi sent her greetings.

Zinzi: I want to ask you a favour.

Mmathapelo: Anything for you my friend.

Zinzi: Do you still love Mpho? Move away from Thabang.

Mmathapelo: He is gone already. Love is a big word. I just want him back.

Zinzi: Oh, he told me that he wants you back too.

Mmathapelo: Mhh, this sounds serious.

Zinzi: Yeah my friend. Another bank.

Mmathapelo: (laughing) I will chat with him on Facebook.

Zinzi: Do that dear.

[Over the night Mmathapelo thought it through and decided to text Mpho.]

Mmathapelo: Hey.

Mpho: Hi, How are you?

Mmathapelo: I’m fine thanks and how are you?

Mpho: I’m better.

Mmathapelo: Tell me something…

Mpho: I’m blank you tell me.

Mmathapelo: Me too. Did you love me?

Mpho: I did love you.

Mmathapelo: Do you still love me?

Mpho: I can’t say no or yes. I do care about you.

Mmathapelo: Okay, if you want me back just know I’m available.

Mpho: Only if I see that you are ready for a good relationship. No cheating involved.

[Mpho is simultaneously chatting via Facebook.]

Zinzi: Hi.

Mpho: Hi.

[After ten minutes Zinzi show her true colours.]

Zinzi: Is that the best response you could give?

Mpho: Why do you hate me that much? I left someone to be with you. Avoided others to love you. And now it’s like all I did was to hurt you. I’m sorry for everything.

Zinzi: Do you think you are perfect?

Mpho: No, I’m trying to be a better person. Remember the day you sent me love messages with another guy’s name?

Zinzi: What about it?

Mpho: It shows how you love that guy and I didn’t ask you. I didn’t want to lose you.

Zinzi: It is over between us, case closed.

Mpho: I’m not asking you to take me back. Tell me what wrong I did!?

Zinzi: Mxm!


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