[Thabang and Mmathapelo meet. Mmathapelo is ashamed that Mpho saw her.]

Mmathapelo: (agitated) What took you so long?

Thabang: I’m sorry my love I got lost, I don’t know these streets well. Zinzi never showed me proper directions.

Mmathapelo: Okay. What, do you want her?

Thabang: What’s going on with the moods these days? I just wanted to see my babe.

Mmathapelo: My parents are here so we will see each other some other time.

Thabang: No kiss?

Mmathapelo: Not today.


[Mpho and Tebogo go to shop together so Mpho can buy airtime.]

Mpho: So this is the guy who she is always with?

Tebogo: Yes man. But don’t worry about this girl. Let her go, remember what I did to your cousin?

Mpho: Yes man. I still remember very well.

Tebogo: There is this girl, Rebecca, you can date her.

Mpho: No man. I think Zinzi is the right one for me.

Tebogo: You can’t date friends.

Mpho: I just did.


[At night Mpho calls Zinzi.]

Mpho: Hey babes.

Zinzi: So you can’t stop this ‘babes’ things?

Mpho: You want me to stop?

Zinzi: I like it when you do it.

Mpho: (frustrated) I want to end things with your friend.

Zinzi: No don’t. Let me make her leave you so we can be together!

Mpho: Are you sure?

Zinzi: Yes, can you call me via night shift?

Mpho: You are writing exams, I shouldn’t disturb you!

Zinzi: Yes, I’m writing exams don’t let me be stressed.

Mpho: Okay I will call you.

Zinzi: I love you.

Mpho: I love you too.

[Zinzi gets a call from Thabo after she had talk with Mpho.]

Thabo: Eita.

Zinzi: Hey, who is this?

Thabo: It is me, Thabo, Mpho’s friend.

Zinzi: Okay! How is you, my friend?

Thabo: I’m fine thanks and how are you?

Zinzi: I am good. I wanted to hear that sweet voice.


[After few days Mpho receive another call from Mmathabo’s boyfriend.]

Alex: Holla man.

Mpho: Sure, who is this?

Alex: Alex, where is my wife?

Mpho: I’m no longer dating her you won her. I’m with Zinzi now.

Alex: So my Mmathabo was cheating with you?

Mpho: Oh sorry. I thought you the Alex who is dating my ex, Mmathapelo.

Alex: Okay, so you also know the feeling of losing someone you love?

Mpho: Maybe. Why did you call me?

Alex: Did you see my wife today?

Mpho: Yes, I see her every day. She was here twenty minutes ago.

Alex: If she comes again tell her to call me.


[Mpho catches Thabo and Zinzi flirting.]

Mpho: What’s going on here?

Thabo: We just play like this. You are my best buddy, I can’t mess things up for you.

Mpho: You want me to believe that?

Zinzi: (talking to Mpho) Babes.

Mpho: Do you and Thabo mind telling me what’s going on?

Zinzi: (with a sweet voice) Babe, I love you, and you won’t lose me. He is like my cousin.

Mpho: Explain how?

Zinzi: His brother married my cousin.

Mpho: Thabo is that true?

Thabo: Yes, it is.


[Mmathabo, Tebogo and Mpho are chatting.]

Mmathabo: Are you aware that you are losing Zinzi?

Mpho: Why do you say that?

Mmathabo: I am a girl, I know girls. She is playing you.

Mpho: (laughing) No, she loves me. And Thabo is my friend.

Tebogo: Mmathabo, you know very well that Thabo is my best friend. And I don’t think Mpho should panic.

Mmathabo: Both of you trust too much, you will come to me when things get complicated.


[Three days after. Thabo and Zinzi kiss even before proposing to each other. They decide to start dating.]

Zinzi: Let’s take picture.

Thabo: Okay. Come here.

Zinzi: Can I kiss you on cheek?

Thabo: No, kiss me on the mouth instead.

Zinzi: What if Mpho comes back?

Thabo: Lock that door.

Zinzi: Okay, I want to do this.

[As they kiss each other Mpho is busy buying food for them. He meets up with Mmathabo. Mmathabo tells Mpho about her love problems.]

Mmathabo: Alex beats me sometimes.

Mpho: How long has this been going on?

Mmathabo: Since he found out that I’m dating this other guy.

Mpho: Who are you cheating with?

Mmathabo: Not cheating, but loving.

Mpho: So you don’t love Alex anymore?

Mmathabo: Sort of.


Tell us: Have you ever dated a friend’s ex? How was that experience, were there ever conflicts between you and your friend?