Zinzi: (on a call) Hey bestie.

Mpho: Hello my love.

Zinzi: (laughing) Please don’t call me that.

Mpho: Don’t you love me?

Zinzi: I love you but you are dating my friend.

Mpho: You are the one who was telling me that she is cheating.

Zinzi: That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.

Mpho: Really? Then why did you tell me?

Zinzi: Don’t worry about it. I am out of airtime.

Mpho: No, I will call you back now.

Zinzi: Okay.

Mpho: (calling Zinzi back) Tell me about it.

Zinzi: I told you because you are my friend and I love you.

Mpho: You just want to flirt with me?

Zinzi: Maybe. I’ve got to go, your wife is coming.

Mpho: Where are you at?

Zinzi: Home.

Mpho: Talk later.

[A few minutes later…]

Mmathapelo: I got plans today with Mpho.

Zinzi: Wow, where?

Mmathapelo: At his home.

[Zinzi quickly and secretively sends a message to Mpho: If you love me today you won’t meet Mmathapelo]

Mmathapelo: You are busy with Mxit this days?

Zinzi: Yes, I’ve got new boyfriend. I will tell you more about him tonight.

[A message from Mpho returns: Do you really love me or do you want me to be away from Mmathapelo?

Mmathapelo: Wow, we can do double dates sometimes. It will be so great.

Zinzi: Eix, we are taking things slowly.

Mmathapelo: Let me go and bath for my date.


[Mpho and Thabo are sitting and chatting before Thabo goes for his date with Mmathapelo. Thabo has feelings for Zinzi but he has never told Mpho about it.]

Mpho: My bro, things seem to be going according to plan between me and Zinzi.

Thabo: What do you mean?

Mpho: She doesn’t want me to be with Mmathapelo more often.

Thabo: Good luck man. So will you date friends?

Mpho: I don’t know man. I love both of them so much. The thing is, Zinzi wants this as much as I do.

[Mpho gets a call from Zinzi and he picks up.]

Zinzi: Mpho, I can’t date you but you can be my friend with benefits.

Mpho: Let’s talk about this face to face later on. Can we?

[They hang up and Mpho goes for his date with Mmathapelo.]


[The next day: Mmathabo had boyfriend which none of her friends knew about. Mpho had a crush on Mmathabo before they became friends. And now they are at Mpho’s place chatting.]

Mmathabo: Mpho, can I trust you?

Mpho: Yes, why are you asking this now?

Mmathabo: Would you sell me?

Mpho: Why then sudden questions?

Mmathabo: My boyfriend called you yesterday.

Mpho: Yes, who gave him my number?

Mmathabo: He took it from my phone. Would you sell me out?

Mpho: No, I’m your friend.

Mmathabo: Thank you.

Mpho: You thought I would tell him about your new boyfriend?

Mmathabo: It doesn’t matter.

Mpho: That is your private life. I wouldn’t dare do that.

[Later that day Mpho, Mmathapelo and Zinzi meet at the shop.]

Mmathapelo: Look who is coming.

Zinzi: Yeah, you see your plan to meet that other guy here will end up bringing trouble?

Mmathapelo: Mpho trusts me, I will say he is my friend.

Mpho: It looks like some people are happy to see me!

Zinzi: Yeah, we want a Coke and Chips.

Mmathapelo: Yes, you’ve got good timing.

Mpho: You are happy to see me or to take money from me?

Mmathapelo: I’m your girlfriend right?

Mpho: Maybe.

Mmathapelo: I also need airtime.

Zinzi: You are my friend’s boyfriend. I also need airtime.

Mpho: Yoh! Okay, I will do that but I’ve got to rush back home.

Zinzi: Just give us that money.

[Thabang is meeting Mmathapelo for the third time during their dating period and it is at Mmathapelo’s place. But Mmathapelo gets an unexpected call.]

Mpho: Hey babes, can I see you?

Mmathapelo: No, I am busy today.

Mpho: I am already near your home.

Mmathapelo: I can’t see you.

Mpho: (running out of airtime) Eish OK, but… (Thinking to himself of going to check on his old friend Tebogo)

[After being rejected by Mmathapelo, Mpho goes to Tebogo. He stays on the same street as Mmathapelo.]

Tebogo: Man long time no see.

Mpho: Yeah, I’m not around always.

Tebogo: Have you seen madam? She’s changed too much these days.

Mpho: No, she said she is busy, exam time I think. Why do you say she has changed?

Tebogo: She is dating multiple people these days!

Mpho: I heard from my cousin and her friend and I didn’t believe them.

Tebogo: It is true man. Check, there she is outside, looking at you. Go for her.

Mpho: No, she refused to see me.

Tebogo: She changed her mind, oops there comes one of her boyfriends.

Mpho: What is his name? He looks familiar.

Tebogo: I think it is Alex but no, that one is a little taller.

Mpho: Alex who is doing Grade12 this year?

Tebogo: Yes that one.


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