(It’s December and everyone is excited and preparing for public holidays except for Pearl as she never really liked going home for holidays. It’s been six years since the conflict between her and her twin brother Paris took place. Her phone starts ringing and she picks up.)

Pearl: Hello
Peris:: Hey, you good?
Pearl: Yeah, what do you want?
Peris:: It’s mum, she wants to know if you still coming for holidays.
Pearl: Tell her I’ll call her.

(A knock at the door)

Peris:: Oh ok then.
Pearl: I got to go.

(She hangs up and rushes to the door and as she opens)

Shenez:: Hey stranger.
Pearl: Hey.
Shenez:: Ok someone is in a bad mood, are you going to let me in?
Pearl: (Taking a deep breath) Sure, come in.

(She gets in trying to kiss Pearl but she looks away.) )

Shenez:: Baby what’s your problem, is everything okay, are we okay?
Pearl: I’m sorry it’s just that going home makes me sick.
Shenez:: It’s your brother right?
Pearl: Since my dad passed away things were never the same.
Shenez:: You never really told me what happened, what’s that has to do with your brother?
Pearl: I don’t want to talk about it can we just drop it?
Shenez:: Oh ok.

(They both walk to the bedroom)

Shenez:: You packing, let me guess, you going home, were you going to tell me?
Pearl: Yes am packing and yes, I was going to tell you
Shenez:: When Pearl, when? (With an angry face)
Pearl: ( (Starts yelling) Just give me a break would you. I got so much on my mind.
Shenez: It’s okay. I do understand.

Shenez: ( walks out the door sobbing)

Pearl: wait!
Shenez:: You don’t need me, I sometimes wonder if love is still there.

(Pearl walks towards her holding her hand)

Pearl: I’m sorry babe, you know I love you, please come with me, I want you to meet my family.
Shenez:: No I don’t this it’s…
Pearl: Please, I want to spend my holidays with you, please come with me
Shenez:: Are you sure?
Pearl: Yes I’m sure
Shenez:: (Smiling) Uhmm, I think I should go and start packing as well.
Pearl: (Feeling happy) You still here, go, hurry up because we are leaving in two hours.

(Later that day Pearl and Shenez are on the road halfway to Free State from Johannesburg)

Shenez:: Baby slow down you are going to kill us.
Pearl: (Laughs a little) I’d die a happy soul if I die with the love of my life.
Shenez: (Sad face) Baby it’s not funny you know?
Pearl: Okay okay jeez babe I am slowing down.

(Two hours later.)

Pearl: We here babe.
Shenez:: Hmm, a mansion, wow I can’t wait to go inside.
Pearl: It’s just a house babe, nothing special.
Shenez:: It’s a mansion.
Pearl: (Laughing) Okay you know what, let’s just go inside this mansion then.
Shenez:: I’m right behind you.

(As they both go to the front door and Pearl starts ringing the doorbell, and the door opens)

Pearl: Hi mum,

Pearl’s mum gets so excited to see her daughter, she grabs her and hugs her so tight.

Rose: Oh my baby, why didn’t you tell me you were coming today, I would have prepared something nice to eat
Pearl: (Smiling) I wanted to surprise you mum.
Rose: I missed you so much.
Pearl: I missed you too mum.

(Shenez is just standing there quietly during the reunion.)

Pearl: Uhmm, mum, this is my girlfriend. Shenez. this is my mum.
Rose: Oh wow nice to meet you. Shenez, you so cute.
Shenez:: (Smiling) Thanks you ma’am and nice to meet you too.

(They all go inside the house)

Rose: I’m sure your brother is upstairs let me go look for him.
Pearl: Mum wait, uhmm I’ll see him later we need to go get some rest it’s been a long drive (giving Shenez ‘the look’) Right babe?
Shenez:: (With a confused voice) Yes baby, it’s been a long drive.


Tell us: Why do you think is the reason that Pearl want to see her brother?