(It’s one month later. Nhlanhla is still in the hospital. Sethu goes to see her. He walks in her ward slowly and in a sad mood.)

Sethu: Baby, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’ll try to make you hear me (shedding tears) I’ve been thinking about you, I can’t sleep at night thinking about you, I can’t eat because I miss you. I love you, seeing you in these machines, not breathing, being helped by machines to breath, please. Wake up Nhlanhla. You can’t leave me like this, it’s so soon, it’s too early, I’m expecting more from you, I’m expecting future for you, you’re the love of my life. Please wake up.

(While Sethu is talking, the doctor walks in.)

Sethu: Tell me good news doctor, when is she waking up? When did she last eat? Can I go and buy food for her while you wake her up?

Doctor: We have done all we can for her. We’ve tried our best. There is only one option left: we must switch off the machines.

Sethu: You’re not serious right? Tell me you’re joking doctor, tell me you’re joking.

Doctor: I’m telling the truth brother. I’m so sorry. I will call her parents to inform them about this and to set a date when the machines will be switched off.

(At Nhlanhla’s home, Thembi and her brother, Mthunzi are arguing on who’s going to switch off the machine.)

Thembi: (Angry and shouting) That’s my daughter! You can’t tell me what to do with her!

Mthunzi: And I’m the only elder who is left here, that boy is not going to switch off the machine, I’m the person who’s going to do that.

Thembi: That boy you’re talking about, he has been there for me from the start of this thing, he’s the only one who came here every day to check whether I’m OK, he’s the one who organised counsellors for me so that I can be able to handle this issue, you can’t tell me what to do, Mthunzi.

Mthunzi: We will see, I won’t allow outsiders to come and control my family, never!

Thembi: The same outsiders are the ones who are taking care of me.

Mthunzi: It doesn’t end here, I’ll be back soon. (He leaves.)


Tell us: What do you think will now happen to Nhlanhla?