(Zinzi is inside the car chatting to Brian, the guy in the car.)

Zinzi: Do you see that guy in the red T-shirt? That’s him. (Pointing to Sethu.)

Brian: (Angry) He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Let’s go to Nhlanhla, go and call her.

(They go to Nhlanhla‘s home.)

Zinzi: Knock! Knock! I’m already in. Come, Brian is calling you outside.

Nhlanhla: Tell him I’m not coming, I’m busy and… Please give him these clothes, take this laptop and give it him. I’m busy.

Zinzi: Mhh (Zinzi goes back to the car.) She said she’s not coming, and she said I must give you these.

(Brian goes inside the house, three gunshots are heard and then he leaves.)

(Sethu and his friends are watching from the park…)

Thabo: Bros, something doesn’t add up, and I can feel it.

Sethu: Eish! That’s what I’m thinking, firstly it was Zinzi who went inside the house, now him?

Jama: Don’t you have airtime, bro? Call her and find out what they were doing there.

Sethu: Let me call, bro. (Dialling, it rings and goes to voicemail.) It’s on voicemail bro, her mom is not there, I can go and check.

Jama: Yeah go bro, I’ll be waiting here, I’ll notify you when she comes, or just watch us through the window, we will notify you.
(Sethu goes to the house. He finds the house full of blood. Nhlanhla is lying bleeding.)

Sethu: (Shaking her) NO! NO! Nhlanhla please (crying) please don’t leave me please, I love you, Nhlanhla. Nhlanhla, baby please wake up, wake up Nhlanhla, help! Help!

(Sethu goes and calls for help, Jama comes running with Thabo.)

Jama: Yoh! Is she dead?

Sethu: (Crying) Let’s rush her to the hospital, gents. Nhlanhla wake up my love. It’s me Sethu, don’t leave me like this.

Thabo: She’s dead bro, look, she’s not breathing.

Sethu: (Crying out loud) NO! she’s not! Nhlanhla is not dead, let’s take her to the hospital, call an ambulance bros please. Nhlanhla wake up my love.


Tell us: Do you think Nhlanhla will survive?