(The next morning Sethu receives a message from an unknown number.)

Hi, this is Nhlanhla, I just wanna say, I’m thrilled by the words that you sent me yesterday. I’ve been dating with blind eyes. I’ve been played by guys and I thought dating guys with cars would do, but it’s doesn’t. To cut the story short, I’ve listened to your words, they’ve got a place in my heart. What you wanted to happen, is happening. You and I are an item. Have a good day.

Sethu: (Excited) Yes! Oh my God! (He runs to his friends, shouting on the top of his lungs) Thabo! Jama! I won!

Jama: (Smiling) Tell me good news boy.

Thabo: Wait! Wait boy! Relax, tell me, you and Nhlanhla are dating.

Sethu: Yes boy, we’re dating. (As they were talking, Nhlanhla appears, and Sethu smiles.)

Thabo: Go to her, go, go!

Sethu: Huh?

Thabo: (Whispering) Go to her bro, go. (Sethu goes to her.)

Sethu: Hi, how are you?

Nhlanhla: (Smiling) Hey, I’m good and you, baby?

Sethu: I’m good, how did you sleep?

Nhlanhla: I slept okay. And… I dreamt about us!

Sethu: Oh my goodness! And what was the dream about?

Nhlanhla: Well, that’s a story for another day, not right now…
(Nhlanhla’s friends, Zinzi and Anita appear.)

Zinzi: Friend, what are you doing with this loser?

Nhlanhla: You mean, my boyfriend!

Anita: What? Are you serious?

Nhlanhla: Well, I’m serious, we’re dating.

Zinzi: Chommy, OK, OK! Now you’re crazy, you’re definitely crazy. This loser doesn’t even have a car, he lives in a shack, that’s not our style friend.

Nhlanhla: Well, if that’s an issue, take me out from your crew. I’m not losing him.

Anita: Zinzi, find me on the way, I can’t deal with this.

Zinzi: Put yourself in gear one, my friend, I’m right behind you. You and I, we’re no longer friends, Nhlanhla, I’m disappointed in you.

Nhlanhla: Well, that’s fine, but don’t forget, I was the only person who made guys fall for you and buy booze, my beauty charmed everyone so bad that they can call us ‘us’ to chill with them.

Zinzi: Whatever! (She leaves, shouting.) Anita, I said get into gear 1 but you’re in gear 4!

Nhlanhla: Well, don’t mind them baby, I love you so much.

Sethu: I love you too, Nana.

Nhlanhla: I’ll see you late today, right now I’m be busy.

Sethu: OK, cool. (He goes back to his friends.)

Thabo: What type of muti did you use, Chief?

Sethu: No, relax Chief, it’s not muti, it’s called poetry. That’s my muti.

Jama: I bow to you, bro. Wait, this car, isn’t that car that she used go with every day?

Sethu: (Surprised) Yeah, it is!


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