(That night Nhlanhla takes out the piece of paper, which is full of words. She reads it silently.)

I’ve been living like a zombie
Boring times is just normal
Killing time is not my option
Sleeping is my choice
Steady heart beats
Blank face emotionless
Been walking alone
Loner times is more
Not until then,
Since “YOU” came into me.
Been sleeping late at night
Heart beats fast is not right
Confused face here I am
Unsettled mind is no fun
You’ve been running around
All the way in my mind
You’ve been into my dreams
This is not me anymore
I miss the old times
But I love what I’m now
Just came to realized
That day when I saw you
Again and again we met
I’ve been lost in my thoughts
Don’t know what these are
But you made my day
Completed, fun and happy
Now I know what made me crazy.

(After reading the poem Nhlanhla’s mom, Thembi, calls her to dish up her supper.)

Thembi: Why you’re so happy?

Nhlanhla: Nothing mama, it’s just that, something made my day

Thembi: Oh, that’s why you finished late cooking today, something made your day. Listen my daughter, let me tell you something. I was your age once. I was once a teenager. Don’t fall in boy’s traps, they’re heartless dogs. All they want is sex and then they’ll just brag about it later to their friends. They’re competing among themselves. Open your eyes, my child.

Nhlanhla: But mom this one, the one who made my day, is different. (She changes the topic as if she made a mistake.) Did you meet daddy today?

Thembi: It was just a warning and I was advising you as a parent.

Nhlanhla: Have a good night mom, I love you. (She goes to bed.)


Tell us: Do you think Thembi’s warning to Nhlanhla is correct – that boys are trouble?