(It’s eight o’clock in the evening. Sive arrives at Nosihombise’s house. Nolutho Sibase is looking after Nosihombise.)

Sive: Good evening, my parents.

Nolutho Sibase: Good evening, Sive.

Sive: How are you?

Nolutho: We are trying our best to forgive and forget about what happened. But, it’s hard for us to accept that Nolumanyano is dead.

Sive: It’s also hard for me to accept that Nolumanyano is dead. I came to speak privately with Nolumanyano’s mother.

Nolutho: It’s fine. I will go to the dining room.

(Nolutho goes to the dining room.)

Sive: I am sorry about what happened to your daughter.

Nosihombise: Sorry won’t bring back my daughter. My blankets are wet because I cry every minute.

Sive: I am really sorry. I didn’t know that my decisions were going to hurt her this much and that she would decide to take her own life.

Nosihombise: She told me that you were planning to marry her in the last few months.

Sive: It’s true. I was planning to marry her.

Nosihombise: What changed your mind?

Sive: When the rumours spread all over the village that you killed Nobubele with food poisoning, my parents forced me to marry Nobuhle. They also told me that I must stay away from Nolumanyano because her family will always have a bad reputation. The villagers might want to kill everyone who is related to you and all your relations may also be banned from attending African rituals in the Transkei.

Nosihombise: Those were just rumours. Everyone knows that I didn’t kill Nobubele. The only real reason why your parents changed your mind is because they didn’t want to make me rich by giving me ten cows and money as wedding gifts for my daughter.

Sive: That’s not true.

Nosihombise: That is true. I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old daughter, and I would give everything just so that they can have a good education. I will teach them to be independent because African men are not honest.

Sive: It’s tough for me, losing Nolumanyano. I didn’t know that our break up would hurt her so much that she would end up committing suicide.

Nosihombise: I will tell my young daughters that they must give their hearts to God and not trust or depend on men. Their sister lost her life because she gave you her heart instead of giving it to God.

Sive: I wish I could change all that has happened and bring Nolumanyano’s soul back to her body, so that she can live and enjoy life here, with us.

Nosihombise: I heard in the letter that you are calling me a witch.

Sive: I am really sorry. I think I didn’t hear myself.

Nosihombise: I will never forget the sadness and pain that your family has caused me. I lost my husband and daughter, but I won’t go anywhere. I will raise my children in this village.

Sive: You are right. Don’t run away from problems.

Nosihombise: All the hatred in this village will make me strong. I want to teach young girls to be emotionally and financially independent.

Sive: I am really sorry. I also came to apologise on behalf of my parents. They were very hurt and saddened by the news of Nolumanyano’s passing, especially the part about the letter that reveals her reason for committing suicide.

Nosihombise: Sorry won’t bring back Nolumanyano. You must go to your lucky wife who was chosen by your parents for you. Seeing you in front of me brings me more pain.

(Sive closes the door and leaves Nosihombise alone.)

Nosihombise: I will stay and raise my kids in this village while destroying my enemies. All the people who are related to Nolumanyano’s death will follow her soon and call the graveyard their home. I will curse Nokuthula and her unborn child for destroying my marriage.


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