(Sive and Nolumanyano are at Nokukhethwa’s house in the evening.)

Sive: Your friend told me that you wanted to talk to me.

Nolumanyano: Yes, I wanted to talk to you. I was so hurt when I heard that you tied the knot with Nobuhle Mlebe without even telling me.

Sive: Yes, she is my wife. God chose her.

Nolumanyano: You broke my heart. You promised me everything and we had our future goals planned out together and then in the end, you went and married someone else.

Sive: When my parents heard that your mother killed Nobubele by putting poison in her plate, my parents told me to stay away from you.

Nolumanyano: It was only gossip. My mother didn’t kill Nobubele.

Sive: Traditional healers from Ciskei, who don’t know anyone at Nyibiba village, told Nobubele’s family that your mother killed Nobubele.

Nolumanyano: I won’t defend my mother because I don’t know her heart but I know that I have a good heart and I respect all people.

Sive: I know that you have a good heart but it’s not just about you. My parents were worried that your mother’s bad reputation might give my family a bad reputation.

Nolumanyano: Sive, we used not to care about what other people thought of us.

Sive: Yes, we used to be like that but life isn’t just about us. I broke up with you because I’m protecting my family’s reputation. The villagers might want to kill your mother and the people who are related to her for killing Nobubele with poison.

Nolumanyano: Sive, if you didn’t marry Nobuhle and married me, people have seen my mother only as a woman who raised her child very well. They were never going to believe a lying traditional healer.

Sive: The villagers will always call you the child of a witch. People already see you as a future witch because they believe that your mother is going to teach you her witchcraft magic.

Nolumanyano: Sive, you are being very rude.

Sive: Don’t ever call me again because I am a married man and I love my wife.

(Tears fall out from Nolumanyano’s eyes.)

Nolumanyano: You have taught me never to trust anyone ever again. I never want to get married: I want to be independent for the rest of my life. You can leave now.

(Nolumanyano leaves the house.)


Tell us: Would you break up with someone in order to protect your family’s reputation?