(Nosihombise Gqogqa and Nomvuselelo Tyhutyha are at Nosihombise’s flat during the evening.)

Nosihombise: I am very disappointed by the new rumours that are spreading in the village.

Nomvuselelo: What are the new rumours?

Nosihombise: It’s very painful and a disgrace to me, but I have to tell you. There are rumours that Funxani got Nokuthula Sixhase pregnant.

Nomvuselelo:I am very shocked to hear that news.

Nosihombise: The painful thing to me is that they are already planning a traditional wedding.

Nomvuselelo: People told me that they are living in the same flat in Nyibiba town. I was surprised to hear that it’s almost been a year since they started dating.

Nosihombise: I was very shocked and disappointed. We should have killed Nokuthula with that poison instead of Nobubele because Funxani told people that he was planning on leaving Nobubele because she was addicted to alcohol.

Nomvuselelo: You are right; we should have killed her. But, after Nobubele’s family went to that traditional healer, I told myself that I would never kill people with poison again. We must protect our reputation.

Nosihombise: I’m starting to give up on my marriage. Funxani causes me a lot of pain every day. He left me and he is living with his parents.

Nomvuselelo: Don’t give up on your marriage. Just raise your children well and Funxani will come back to you. My advice to you is to go to the traditional healers because they will give you African medicine that will protect your marriage.

Nosihombise: Nomvuselelo, you are a true friend. I wonder how I would survive in this village without your words of encouragement.

Nomvuselelo: Don’t blame yourself for killing Nobubele because she was very cruel to you. She is the first woman who took your dignity as Funxani’s wife away.

Nosihombise: You are right because Nobubele made me cry every night. I wonder how we are going to deal with Nokuthula.

Nomvuselelo: You must forgive your husband and tell him that he must never do something like that again.

Nosihombise: The most painful thing is that they are living together during weekdays.

Nomvuselelo: My friend, don’t give up on Funxani because he’s got the potential of being a good husband.

Nosihombise: I wonder if my marriage will be the same after Nokuthula gives birth to Funxani’s child.

Nomvuselelo: Please, my friend, don’t give up. There are many couples who face difficult situations in their marriages but they overcome everything.

Nosihombise: I will listen to your advice and wait for my husband to come back. Although, the last time we spoke, he told me that he wants to divorce me.

Nomvuselelo: Please, don’t lose hope in your marriage. Your husband will come back to you. I won’t relax until I think of a way to get rid of Nokuthula.

(Nosihombise hugs Nomvuselelo.)


Tell us: What do you think is going to happen to Nokuthula and her unborn child?